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Thread: Post Rosacea - skin is so smooth?!

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    Default Post Rosacea - skin is so smooth?!

    So, I've never had problem with acne or such in my face. But I've always had visible pores ony face and not really a smooth texture..
    2.5 weeks I noticed I was getting some rashes and like red itchy spots, later on I got more and more red and more and more p&p and my black spots were disappearing.

    I started my treatment right away, since I had Perioral Dermatitis I had alot of stuff at home that I knew worked for Rosacea.
    Now my skin is so damn smooth, it's never been like this? The texture is so nice. I wanted to kill myself when I first found out that I had Rosacea (my face was so itchy and burning 24/7) but it seems to have made my skin better than ever.. (So far.... I know it can get worse again, and overtime)

    So, has this happened to anyone else? And why is it like this?

    For anyone who wants to know what I did:
    Tetralysal twice a day. I take it in the morning and don't eat anything for 3 hours, same in the evening.
    Finacea (This is what made my p&p disappear and the HUGE itchiness/burning, took just a few days)
    I clean myself once in the morning before putting the Finacea on, pads and Garnier Micellar cleansing water and then medium warm water)
    3 hours later I put on a cream. In the start I put on the cream 20 minutes before so I didn't get to dry.
    I only eat vegetables and meat right now, I'm gonna start eating normal when I notice no signs of Rosacea.
    Take ZMA (Zink, Magnesium and B6), Omega-3 and Man Multi vitamin.
    I also don't shower my face, I use shampoo in my hair but I tilt the head back so I dont get water in the face. Also avoid showering warm so I don't get warm steam in the face.

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    I also find my skin becomes exaggeratedly smooth in the healing phase after a flare-up. It doesn't last though, sadly!

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