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Thread: What helped YOU with Seb derm eyebrow hair loss?

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    Default What helped YOU with Seb derm eyebrow hair loss?

    Hello, first time poster here. I have a very mild case of seb derm in my eyebrows. It is itchiness with some slight flaking. However, I am losing multiple eyebrow hairs a day. I can't apply any type of treatment or even wash my face without losing hairs. I've noticed many others have had this problem. For those who could control their eyebrow loss..what worked for you? I am desperate.

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    The lack of answers probably shows you that it is not something that is easily addressed! I have the same issue as many on here do. If the issue is a malassezia induced dermatitis then I have seen some people say they have had success with Selsun Blue or E45 climbazole shampoo used on their eyebrows but not much else. I have tried those and they don't work for me. I have taken to making my own and I will see if that works.

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    Apple cider vingear diluted with bottled spring water at a 1:1 ratio helped me the most - both with the loss of brow hair aswell as the flaking.

    Before I shower I take a bowl and fill it with bottled spring water and dip 3 cotton pads into it. Then I press the cotton pads on the skin ABOVE my eyebrows and let the water run into them. After that I fill the bowl with 50% ACV and 50% bottled spring water and do the same as described above. I let the concentration sit for 15 minutes before showering. I use a towel to place for my eyes to make sure the ACV doesn't run into them (it isn't dangerous to get ACV into your eyes it just stings a bit)

    After showering I lather a good amount of E45 shampoo in my hands and place it in my brow area and let it sit for 3 minutes before rinsing it out under the tap. I dont rub the shampoo in, I just make a good, thick lather in my hands and put it on my brows making sure it touches the area under the hairs - that is important.

    I know it sounds complicated, but I hope you have a general understanding of what I do.

    The reason I use bottled spring water is because normal tap water kills some of the enzymes in the ACV making it less potent.

    I still get maybe 2-3 flakes in my eyebrows a week, but I very gently remove them with a sterilized needle, it's quite easy actually.

    I also know that some people on here says that using ACV topically is not good for the skin, but I have to disagree. If you dilute it with water and only leave it on for 10-15 minutes it should do no harm imo.

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    The poster above me talked about making our own climbazole based leave on lotion which can be left on our skin for all 24 hours of the day.

    I do personally think that it is the best weapon we have against seb derm at the moment.

    I am gonna try to make my own climbazole lotion some time in the near future. I just have to gather the ingredients and then experiment. I already know that the lotion will be MCT oil based. But at first I will just try to dissolve the climbazole powder in isopropyl alcohol and put it into some Cerave PM moisturizer with added cromollient and see how it turns out.

    I have a friend who has a high position in one of the major skincare businesses here in Greece. I'm gonna try and talk to him about making a commercially sold climbazole lotion which can be worn 24/7 without problems.

    also donmattus making your own lotion will be much more potent than the E45 shampoo and I know you will see much better results! but I had to use the E45 for roughly 90 days before noticing results, so I would say to you that you should try and use the E45 and stick with it - it's better than nothing for you!
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    Absolutely nothing has worked for me so far pal, every time I go to bed, wake up and wash my hair my eyebrows, forehead and scalp are laden with yellowish greasy skin cells that just won't budge.

    Let me know how you get on and good luck.

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