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Thread: Dry, very very dry skin

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    Default Dry, very very dry skin

    How do you cope with the extreme dryness of your face? That "Sahara feeling" is my biggest concern. I am not red, I do not flush. But I do have some broken caps and a constant under-the-skin burning/stinging, especially if I switch from cold to hot. And my skin is so dry and sensitive. Sometimes I feel like my face will fall off in a minute or break in half. It has lost the elasticity and simply can't retain the moisture. I gave up washing my face with water as it was drying my skin even more. Creams, moisturisers seem to help for 1-2 hour max. The problem aggravates at work. Central heating and air conditioning do not help. After couple of hours spent in my office my face simply feels raw. It's difficult to smile (literally), difficult to eat an apple etc. The humidity % is - according to my measurement device - 19%. I think it's really really low. I can't use any air moisturisers/humidifiers as it is prohibited in my company.
    I am so fed up with this face of mine aka "mask of pain" as one of you has once described...

    Any tips? Thank you very much beforehand.

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    Hello, I am currently dealing with the same symptoms you mentioned, I havenít been able to find any solutions. Just wondering hows your skin doing now? please update, much appreciated

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    Moisturizers are a personal thing since everyone is so sensitive to certain ingredients, however, the RRDi has listed a number that have been recommended by rosacea sufferers. Many report using a spray mist helps.
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