Hey everyone,

I've posted random questions on here many times trying to figure out what my skin condition was because of different diagnoses I've recieved. However, I think I may be getting somewhere. I found a dermatologist that gave me a punch biopsy on the side of my chin.

My symptoms are:
Facial flushing, burning
tons of flakey skin,
hive-like welts that turn into tiny blister-like white heads that come in cycles, crawling and severe itching as well as the peach fuzz (I'm a girl) on my face falling out everyday.
A couple broken capillaries (small)

My derm gave me sulfur cream to try while I waited for the results. Everything went okay and then I started getting a ton of itchy welts with white heads in the middle. (Sulfur kills mites? Die off) Anyway I stopped. I'm a whimp

Biopsy results: epidermis is normal, sparse to moderately dense lymphohistiocytic infiltrate around follicular infundibula, prevascular lymphohistiocytic infiltrate around dilated blood vessels in the papillary dermis and several demodex mites in follicular infundibula. Demodex folliculitis correlation is advised.

So!!!! I was given Soolantra to try once a day in the a.m. (why not once at night? I thought they come out at night?) and Oracea to try if the inflammation becomes really bad while trying Soolantra. I'm scared my face is going to freak out while trying this and I won't know if it's die off. I usually only try things on my chin first for a few days to see what reaction I get. Does this sound like a good idea? I really thought all this was seb derm.... Cause of all the flaking : /

Anyone use Soolantra, experience die off, or have any advice?!

Thanks so much! Sorry for the book!