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Thread: Vbeam Sucess

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    Quote Originally Posted by dman View Post
    Congratulations Clairebare,
    I also have longterm success from vbeam laser treatments. There was a time I could not have a minute of peace from this condition kprf. Now my skin looks normal again and I'm mostly symptom free so it has no impact on my life anymore.
    I believe laser treatment is the only solution on the market. People who say it doesn't work probably didn't find the right device with the right settings yet or they are just too impatient.
    That is quite the improvement to go from "no minute of peace" to "no impact". Was it Vbeam alone that helped you or are you also on any medications?

    I've had 5 non-purpuric vbeams and 1 purpuric vbeam. The 5 non-purpuric were a complete waste of money that I regret. However, I did see noticeable improvement in my purpuric vbeam but my flushing is still troublesome.

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    Hi everyone thanks for your input! I haven't been on here in a while so apologies for the delay in replies. I had another treatment about 3 weeks ago and at the time of laser was quite flushed thanks to 40 degree heat here in Australia. The strange thing about this treatment was I barely bruised at all even though the settings were as high as the last time. I still think I've seen slight improvement but perhaps the laser could be turned up even more... will see what derm thinks next time.
    And I haven't forgotten that everyone wants to know the settings-that's on my list of things to ask her next time.
    For my Aussies I've been going to Inner Rhodes Dermatology
    Summer here has of course caused me more flushing but I find sleeping with a fan helps as opposed to air con that drys my skin out.
    I think for those of you skeptical about my experience or saying I'm making it up....(no clue why I'd bother lying) I haven't claimed to be cured I still experience symptoms often, I'm just letting people know I've seen improvement.
    It's an on going treatment that takes a lot of patience, money and pain for a little bit of result but I'm lucky to be in a position to try to improve my skin and will continue doing so to hopefully help others feeling at a loss with this condition.

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    Default v beam success

    Hi Clairebare, How are you doing with your v beam treatments. My doctor thinks that I have the KPRF type of rosacea and has told me that it will be a little harder to treat than typical rosacea so I was wondering how you are doing with your treatments. I have had 2 non bruising treatments and saw some slight improvement after the second one. I just had my first bruising treatment 10 days ago and I thought that I was seeing a little improvement but then I had a flare up to a skin care product. The flare seems to be calming down quicker than before I started treatment. How many v beams have you had and how many do you plan to have? I am glad that you are seeing improvement. Hope that I see improvement as well.

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