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Thread: I need some help with my skin condition

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    Default I need some help with my skin condition (Fungal, Malassezia, Rosacea?)

    I have lots of small bumps around my nose (located above my lip) and clusters on my cheeks and chin. Some of the bumps around my nose are white and I can extract a yellow seed. This is also possible with a few of the bumps on my cheeks. Along with this, I have noticeable redness around my nose, cheeks, and chin. I have an oily face and these bumps seemed to get worse in hot/humid weather. I went to the doctor and they told me it's keratosis pilaris or clogged pores. In my opinion though, I believe that this could be related to fungal or demodex. I've always exfoliated as well, alternating between a BHA and AHA but these bumps never seemed to budge. I've tried oil cleansing and have used a variety of products but they never helped with my skin. I've used harsh, drying cleansers in the past and I used to have lots of acne so I used to use topical steroids as well as antibiotics for over a year. Although I don't get acne anymore, I'm left with this embarrassing condition on my face. I also noticed that sometimes in the past, one of these spots on my face would itch but it wasn't that frequent. I also have digestive issues which could affect my face as well. So far, I've tried nizoral and head and shoulders shampoo recently. They made my face smoother but they also seemed to make the redness worse. I will be going in to the doctors and I was wondering if I should ask for antifungal oral prescription as well as topical. I might also ask for a sulfur cleanser if it is demodex related. Some help would be really appreciated.

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