First of all, Hi to everyone out there. I've been a fan of this forum for over six months but never registered until now, due to the fact that I finally have become a victim of Rosacea too! My skin problem started around 7 months ago or so wherein I would have slight redness only on my left cheek and now the redness has significantly increased to my surprise and it is only on my left side of the cheek, I have to wear makeup on a daily basis just to cover this horrible patch on my left side, I still haven't gone to the doctor/dermatologist but i will be next week, I still am not 100% sure if it is rosacea but I'm considering it to be the only reason for the facial redness, I also have a little redness on the right side and some red bumps along with occasional redness between my eyebrows and flaky skin now and then, the redness seems to be progressing eventually even though I have been using azelaic acid 20% cream every night.. Metrogel dried out my red patch on the right cheek horribly to the point that my makeup would clump up and flake off... is this going to get any better? I'm sad my once beautiful skin is forever ruined. I am aware of the triggers and I do keep them in check.
P.S I'm an Indian so i wasn't expecting rosacea to hit me but I am very fair skinned so maybe that is the reason.
any help would be appreciated.