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Thread: A few questions about IPL vs Laser for redness?

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    Default A few questions about IPL vs Laser for redness?

    So I have had 3 IPL sessions which has decreased flushing and redness by about 50% I would say which is good but I'm worried it will stop there and I'll see no further improvements.

    So I mainly have mild/ moderate redness on my upper cheeks and nose as well as flushing in those areas and mild redness on chin

    I know a laser can give that horrid bruising look which does look horrible and nasty but would a laser give better results than IPL for persistent redness on those parts of the face and is a combination of the two recommended ?

    How do they remove redness differently , I know IPL stimulates the bodies response to getting rid of blood vessels does laser do exactly the same?

    My derm told me IPL was more effective in his view.

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    Vbeam is much stronger than IPL. Although, you claim you've noticed a 50% improvement so I don't see why you would stop the IPL if it's giving you progress.

    Vbeam with low pulse duration at purpuric energy levels will definitely destroy a number of those vessels, BUT you will be left with some ugly bruising for about a week or two. That method is generally used for moderate to severe redness so if you you believe your redness is more on the mild side then I can understand your doctor being hesitant to go that route.

    If I were you I would probably continue with the IPLs until you believe they're no longer effective.

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    Default Hang in there

    I've been having IPL for over 10 years and have had around 25 treatments all together. I now have IPL about every six months. When I first got rosacea, 10 years ago, I had severe flushing and permanent redness. It took about six treatments over a period ogone year before my rosacea symptoms were reduced to mild redness, with only occasional less severe flushing.

    Now, 10 years on, I would say my rosacea is very mild. I do still flush if there are extreme changes of temperature or if I get sun on my face, and have a slight redness on my cheeks now and then, but I feel more or less normal most of the time.

    When I began my treatment I never thought things would be this good. :-)

    I think you have to continue having treatments (until there is a cure), or else your symptoms will probably creep back over time.
    dx early 2006.
    current stategy;
    finacea (on occasional spot), 20+ x IPL and 17+ low level PDL (n-light)

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