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Thread: PLEASE help - are these p&ps, and what can I do?

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    Default PLEASE help - are these p&ps, and what can I do?

    I typed up a whole post... and the forum ate it... Let me try the nutshell version of this.

    6 months ago I had major surgery gone wrong and complications landing me bedridden for 1 month, and stress ensued. I went to many dermatologists with problematic skin on face: flaking, itching and nothing helping and its getting worse and spreading across my whole face. The itching is the worst part, driving me nuts... Drs were useless, antifungals and antibiotics they gave me never worked. They were even hesitant to call it seb derm because my face isnt red. On my own, I tried supplements, vitamins, etc for MONTHS. I already have a very clean diet (no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no soy) and exercise for years because I have PCOS (hormonal imbalance- but I also take medicine for this). I started using Auburn's honey mask and I am at the end of week 3...the first two weeks were good (70% flaking areas clearing up!) but some of the flaking is come back nooooo (now its more like 50%). I am following it to the T, never missed a day... why did it lose efficacy???? I'm not stopping the honey mask though because it's the ONLY THING that doesn't rip up the skin on my face!!!

    Over the last 6 months developing seb derm flaking/itching ... the last 3 months I now have rosacea-like symptoms: p&ps and telangiectasias (under my eyes). But my face DOES NOT flush. I have cystic acne in the past (maybe 1 cystic pimple every 2-3 months) before this but that was nothing compared to this. It is NOT the same. It's painful red inflamed bumps ow. See photos below. And pus-filled pustules that come out of nowhere and grow large at a rapid pace (some have even exploded on their own, ew). I have been writing down foods, stress levels, etc and I can't find any "triggers" --- what is causing these p&ps? I know inflammation but that has to start somewhere... is it dustmites from being bedridden???? I just want to know what causes it so I can treat it! Ugh. ANY IDEAS???

    Please give me advice...what is the BEST way to treat/reduce/prevent p&ps? They hurt so bad, ow!

    These aren't normal pimples (whiteheads) or cystic acne. I have photos taken of my face but...ok it won't let me upload photos or link them... not sure what to do here. But please give advice!

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    can a moderate please remove this thread? It's a duplicate post because I tried to submit the first one and it didn't give me notification that it was posted... thanks

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