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Thread: Rosacea aggravated by Paleo diet

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    Default Rosacea aggravated by Paleo diet

    Hi - I've had mild nose rosacea for about 2 years. 2 months ago I started a Paleo diet. Now it has spread to my cheeks and forehead. Has anyone else experienced outbreaks due to Paleo diet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie Belle View Post
    Hi - I've had mild nose rosacea for about 2 years. 2 months ago I started a Paleo diet. Now it has spread to my cheeks and forehead. Has anyone else experienced outbreaks due to Paleo diet?
    I have heard of a couple of cases where people developed rosacea when changing from a vegetarian diet to paleo, but what aspect of the diet induced the symptoms is largely unknown.
    It could be that the gut flora was unable to handle large quantities of meat and/or fats. It could be that the diet was too low in carbs.
    Or too high in oils.

    A diet too low in carbs for a prolonged period of time can negatively affect thyroid function.

    Also, the term paleo is really a template.
    Perhaps you could describe exactly what you eat on an average day, including the amount/types of fats.
    This would include any supplements you take.

    I have heard of people developing flushing on a paleo diet which is nearly devoid of carbs. I am a flusher and my symptoms increase when I don't get enough. In my case I can't handle starch, as this triggers flushing, inflammation and and outbreaks.
    On a diet with sufficient carbs without starch, the outbreaks completely disappear and my flushing etc reduces considerably, but is not completely resolved.

    The types of oils you are consuming needs considering.
    Not everyone handles olive oil, or coconut oil, even though they are touted as being completely safe. I am one of them.
    Fish oil is not the safe and beneficial supplement that the 'powers' would have you believe either.

    Going back to the Paleo Diet. It was fashionable for a long time, not to eat any starch at all, even root vegetables, but this type of diet was likely imaginary. No one really knows what paleo man ate, barring the fact he wouldn't have been eating processed goods/oils or grains on a large scale. However, it seems likely he would have eaten starch in some form.

    Starch, particularly resistant starch is thought to feed some healthy bacteria in the gut which has a positive effect on the immune system. Of course it can feed bad bacteria at the same time and here lies the problem with sorting out imbalances.
    Someone who cuts out starch completely for a long period of time, might have also reduced populations of beneficial bacteria and this has resulted in a reduction of 'tregs' (for instance), which have a regulatory role in the immune system.

    When food groups have been eliminated nutritional deficiencies can occur. Even micro deficiencies.
    Could you be one of them?

    Just some thoughts for consideration as you try to solve your puzzle.
    Previous Numerous IPL.
    Supplements: Niacinamide, Vit K2, low D3, Vit A. Moderate Dose Vit C, Iodine, Taurine, Magnesium. Very low dose B's. Low dose zinc (to correct deficiency).
    Skin Care: No Cleanser, ZZ cream mixed with Niacinamide gel 4% and LMW HA 2%, ethyl ascorbate 2%.

    Treating for gut dysbiosis.(This is helping).
    Previous GAPS diet. Have now introduced lots of fibre.
    Fermented Foods. Intermittent fasting -16-18 hours.
    Oral Colostrum. Helps reduce food reactions.

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