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Thread: Bright red flushes/rash on face and arms when stressed, hot etc.

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    Default Bright red flushes/rash on face and arms when stressed, hot etc.

    So when I get stressed then too hot I can go into these deep red flushe's. Like today I was being shown around my work placement I am about to start and then they offered me food. I was already so stressed about meeting them and the hot food sent me over the edge. I finished head held down in shame and went back to my room where I took of my shirt and that's when I saw the rash like reddNess all over my arms. I wish I had a picture to show but the redness was my whole face right to the edge EXECPT my nose and forehead. I'm 17 year old female and am already struggling with blushing and hot red flushes most nights. Do you think I could be allergic to something in the food making me go so red? Alcohol is a trigger and I have a problem with histimine ( if I get bit by a mossy I swell like hell) This is ruining me.Thanks

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    Hi, Can you get to a doctor? You could start with your GP. Are you on an antihistamine for your histamine issues?

    My arms also go red - particularly when I flush in my face. Also my chest. Sigh. Sucks.

    It's important to get a diagnosis - so you know what you're trying to treat. Make sure your doctor understand your discomfort (hot, burning, uncomfortable) in addition to the embarrassment factor. I find physicians wwill easily dismiss people is it's just an embarrassment issue. Like it's *just* blushing and you'll grow out of it.

    It doesn't sound allergy based to me - but that's why a doc is needed to run some tests. It could be rosacea or Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii (KPRF). Do you have tiny bumps on your arms. You might want to research both conditions and look at some pics.

    There are ways to help minimize your flushing. Medications (such as propanolol, clonidine, antihistamines, certain anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds), diet (anti-inflammatory diet), laser treatments.

    I know it's hard. But you just need to find your solution yet. You will. Try to have cold water to drink nearby. Keep your skin well moisturized (nothing harsh); dry skin is much more reactive. Try an antihistamine. Lots of water, lower carbs. Try niacinamide 500 mg 2-38 day to reduce inflammation. Also quercetin. Mainly you want your body to chillax. Your nervous system is reacting to the slightest stimuli.

    Once the doc can give you a diagnosis, and if it's rosacea or KPRF, you may find something propanolol (a beta blocker) will help keep your system calm.

    Don't worry. You'll kick this problem to the curb. May take some time. But you will!

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    Hi, I am like this too, more or less, it's a bit cyclic. I think that you should have your blood pressure checked as high blood pressure can make flushes worse (and hbp can be dangerous if left untreated). In my country anyone can get it checked for free at the pharmacy. Maybe in your country too ?

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    I second the advice to see GP and get checked out for different conditions that could be causing this. Pheo, carcinoid, things like that, just to rule them out if nothing else. I started with facial flushing, which then spread to my ears, and a few months later chest and arms--brought on by stress but most of all heat. My diagnosis is rosacea and erythromelalgia because of the intensity of redness and burning and the times/ways it presents. So you may want to ask your doctor about that too and maybe do some research of your own (since it's rare and many drs haven't heard of it, I've found). Feel free to PM for more info if you'd like. The testing can be exhausting but gives you more treatment options and the relief of knowing what you're dealing with!

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