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Thread: MCT Oil

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    Hi Coolguy,

    I'm just wondering what else you are allergic to? I am allergic to many ingredients too and have been having issues with finding ingredients that I can use. I have made some gels with climbazole but it uses water which means you get into using emulsions and preservatives, which I predict your skin won't tolerate? Mine didn't. There are many posts on making gels on here but if you use water and solagum you can make a very nice gel very easily - you just then need to add in the other ingredients!

    I also wonder if you are always allergic to MCT oil? As in if it was 1%, 10%, 50% etc.? If you mixed it with squalane you could patch test it? And I wondered if it is with other ingredients if it had the same effect? I have found that I can have a reaction to some ingredients but when they are in some products they don't seem to give me as much of an issue. So having some anti-irritants could help? I am interested in sensitive/reactive/allergic skin because of my own experience so I hope you don't mind me asking about it. When did your allergies start? Was there a trigger? has it always been like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Busby View Post
    There are many many skin conditions that appear with the same sign, red inflamed skin, which occurs because the immune system's first reaction is to create inflammation.

    If you are reacting to MCT oil, it suggests a completely different causative agent than malassezia, which is the only causative agent that is somewhat neutralized by applying MCT oil, in order to partially displace malassezia's metabolic reliance on natural body sebum oils that are C12 to C22.

    You may benefit from looking into lupus and psoriasis, or other similar and very complex condition that may have a neurological basis, rather than an ectoparasite basis, such as malassezia. I hope this advice isn't cold and distant sounding, because my purpose is only to point the reason why MCT oil works, and that it makes a difference only for people with an allergic reaction to malassezia.
    No, it's informative. I believe your research on MCT oil is well-supported and intentioned. I've had no improvement for the large number of oils, anti-fungals and steroids I've tried over the last year or so. The issue with my nose, my scalp dermatitis and severe gut issues (carb malabsorption) have all occurred simultaneously (coming from no health issues) and leads me to suspect some issue. I've made heavy diet modifications but have seen poor results (GAPs, FODMAPS, etc.) and gastroenterologists have been uncooperative.

    Would an ENT specialist be a good place to check for lupus appearing on the nose (Lupus erythematosus I guess) or a neurological basis in general? When I shift my body weight (sleep, recline, look down) or expose it to heat, it turns a very deep red/near purple, swells and throbs for hours. I thought it was rosacea at first but there are no papules and multiple dermatologists said it wasn't rosacea.

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    Lupus is actually several different conditions, with different signs and symptoms, but all are thought to have a neurological basis, and hyper-vigilant white blood cells and lymph nodes. I believe the condition is confirmed with a specialized blood test. You probably need a referral from a GP, to a neurologist. I wish you well.

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