Hey everyone, after about 3 months of Climbazole shampoos (Hegor 150, then E45 for the last two months), a 'demodex killing shampoo,' and Lotrimin Ultra, my eyebrow is definitely healed! The problem is, I'm not sure which of those treatments was the leading cure. My symptoms were aggressive random itchiness (8 on a 1-10 scale), redness of the skin under the eyebrow hairs, small 'dot' flakes which were white, and ease of eyebrow hairs falling out. I don't have any of those symptoms any more! I am very happy about all of this!

My scalp, on the other hand, hasn't improved much over this time. Is this normal? I'll keep using this stuff until I run out but I would have thought it would be working by now. There might be a slight improvement in reducing the flaky/waxy buildup on my scalp but there are DEFINITELY still extremely itchy moments that drive me crazy (again an 8/10 itchiness, I HAVE to itch it when it acts up).

My usual routine would be to rub the shampoo in my scalp and also use some of the suds on my eyebrow. I usually rinse everything off pretty quick, which I think I need to stop. Everything would probably work better if I let it all soak in for a few minutes. Typical times for me have been leaving it for 30 seconds or so.

Just wanted to provide a quick update, and see if anyone had any thoughts for the scalp issue. Overall I'm very happy! I THINK the ultramin was the most effective treatment for my eyebrow, but I don't have any evidence to back that up. I probably think that because it's a cream that stays on overnight rather than a shampoo I wash off in the shower.