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Thread: Rosacea ruled out "for now".. But "may be future candidate"

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    Default Rosacea ruled out "for now".. But "may be future candidate"

    Okay, so tough situation.

    I'm a 25 year old male. Pretty pale and definitely fair/sensitive skinned. About a month ago I saw a dermatologist for the first time. This was a HUGE step for me because I was much like any other stubborn young guy and wanted to fix this myself. I've been feeling extremely helpless about it lately.

    Here's the issue. She didn't think I had rosacea but said "I could be a candidate for it in the future" so she prescribed me Metrogel. She said that I have a naturally red/pink complexion, and that my blood vessels are very close to the surface of my skin. She also said that I'm probably a blusher/flusher and gave me that freaking list of triggers to look out for (this pissed me off as I sat in front of her and pretended like I hadn't read those online a thousand times).

    So that being said I'm going to continue using the Metrogel daily for a few months (she said to give it about 6 months to be sure). That sounds extreme and from what I've read Metrogel has been helping very few people. But if my only issue is blood vessels being to close to my skin, than does Metrogel even do anything to help with that? Or is she just yanking my chain?

    The only thing I've read that can help MY issue is laser treatment it seems, as it kills off the blood vessels close to the skin? Which is extremely expensive. Is there anything else I can try? Are there ways to develope stronger/thicker skin that isn't so translucent (for example... I have no idea...)

    I have a classic red face. The "t" area I guess it's called. It's the worse on my upper cheeks and nose, and I'm literally white as my underarm where my eyes/eye sockets are. I basically ALWAYS look like a Canadian tourist returning from a vacation to Mexico, that wore sunglasses the entire time. It's obviously worse after certain activities. But the fact that I look like this as soon as I wake up in the morning, after doing nothing but sleeping... zero activity/no spicy foods/no alcohol... the whole nine yards... Has me pretty bummed out. Naturally I've been "laying low" a bit while I try to figure this out. My favourite activity as of late..... Avoiding places with cold/stale/white overhead lighting that makes it stick out like a sore thumb....

    Any help, tips, guidance would be extremely appreciated. Please keep in mind I am very tight on cash. Even spending $60 on Metrogel had me cringe.

    Thank you!

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    Anyone? :S

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    One of the things I have had more recent success with is the Dermaced Redness Redux serum. It has epidermal growth factor which thickens the skin. Most Rosaceans have pretty thin skin, and while we may have vascular dysfunction, EVERYONE has veins in their face. When your skin is too thin those veins become a lot more prominent. Now the gold standard for increasing skin thickness is prescription retinoids, however, they usually harm more than help rosaceans--retinoids also increase blood vessel growth. EGF thickens the skin without making you more red in the process.

    I have had multiple laser treatments, by the way, and they don't help that much for the cost. Before and after dropping several grand and going through months of skin only looks minimally improved.

    And if you only have redness (and not pustules and papules), then go for the gentlest skin cleansing regimen possible. Wash your face with distilled water only and a super gentle cleanser, like Avene Extremely Gentle. Not letting tap water touch my face made a big difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenGables View Post
    One of the things I have had more recent success with is the Dermaced Redness Redux serum. It has epidermal growth factor which thickens the skin.
    Thank you! I'm going to try this out. I have been meaning to reply sooner but hadn't gotten around to it. I appreciate your take on laser treatment as well.

    An update: I went to another dermatologist this week to get a second opinion. He confirmed that I have thin skin with lots of blood vessels close to the surface. Has also explained that laser (being as expensive as it is), only really lasts for 6 months in some cases. Bummer. But he did give me samples of ONRELTEA, which I believe is the Canadian equivalent of Mirvaso? I've been getting some pretty amazing results. There are a ton of bad reviews online however of people mentioning Flushing as a side affect. I might have experienced this today at work but I'm convinced it could have been just as much mental as I was working in a hot environment. Its basically a topical gel that lasts from 8-10 hours and works by literally diluting the blood vessels under the skin (closing them/thinning them out). They eventually grow back to their normal size and well... I'm red again. It's expensive, at $100 per bottle, which might last about a month if used once a day. But I will say if it stops me from experimenting with several brands of tinted moisturizers and what not I just might make the commitment, if I don't experience any side effects that is.

    I explained to the new dermatologist that I had been brainstorming a bit "if my face is red because my skin is think and the blood under it is too close to the surface, is there anything I can do to thicken my skin?". He actually said no. But perhaps he's not aware of the product you posted? If that product can help strengthen and add some definition and tone to my skin, hopefully between that and this OLRELTEA I can find a decent middle ground for the time being.

    Ongoing battle though... Cheers!

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