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Thread: Exciting news for subtype 1 !!

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    Post Exciting news for subtype 1 !!

    Exciting news after coming up, give it a read and leave you're opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post

    Exciting news after coming up, give it a read and leave you're opinion.

    Don't get too excited . We've heard it all before .

    All talk no action

    I believe it when I see it .

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    This appears to be a non-toxic substitute for steroids, which is a good idea. A histamine-appearing reaction defines nearly all skin conditions, so controlling the histamine reaction would be great.

    Plus, the substance, disodium cromolyn, is water soluble, so it's super easy to work with, and while somewhat pricey can be purchased from TCI.

    However, the patent itself doesn't look very "novel" (which means it's not innovative) because anyone can already buy pet meds that contain disodium cromolyn (cromolyn sodium) for the same purpose in animals. The patent also does a shotgun approach and includes other substances, which looks like fluff, and cromolyn sodium seems likely to be the true focus.

    Someone could try this and see what happens, as topical sodium cromolyn appears to have a huge safety ratio. Keep in mind it's not going to treat anything other than inflammation, rather than the causative agent, but that's fine, given that people seem to expect quick results, however unrealistic.

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    I'm using RGC. (Rosmarinic, Gallic, Caffeic acid) Works on the histamine/mast cell response too. It's the main ingredient in Apaisac Biorga Anti-Rouger cream. It's the first topical EVER, in 17 years to make a difference on my rosacea. (I've tried azelaic acid, metrogel, soolantra, mirvaso, tea tree, nasalcrom to no avail.)

    I have a fixed/permanent flush; a red nose basically. Phymatous rosacea. It bordered on rhinophyma at it's most aggressive (my nose was basically a giant, pussy spot, it was bad) until I went on oxytetracycline many years ago.

    I've lived with a vascular flush and veins ever since. Now, RGC is not working miracles. But it's actually. helping. Taken my fixed redness down by about 20%, and i'm having way less pustules form than usual. Also, no flare-ups.

    I don't think i'd want to be without RGC cream going forward.

    I'm at the stage now, where if I can get the thread veins removed (i've had a few laser treatments, not quite there yet) and the skin resurfaced (still an orange peel texture) i'll be able to conceal the remaining redness with a tinted moisturiser. I'm pretty sure that it'd be difficult to tell i had the condition at that point. That's a seriously pleasing thought for me, for someone who was badly disfigured by phymatous rosacea. Without this RGC cream, i wouldn't be thinking on these lines, because i would flare regularly, get oily, and have regular pustules. Really really pleased.
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    Sounds very promising with its ingredients that actually do something , Bar your post there is no reviews anywhere about this product

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    someone show us the progress who uses this product. where is the evidence

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