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Thread: Why isn't there any oral medicine for derm seb, only for Rosacea?

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    Here is an update from my previous post about seeing the laser Doctor. He said that vbeam will not help seb derm because it is inflammation that causes the redness. Therefore i will not be getting vbeam treatments. This was somewhat disappointing to me. However, on a more positive note I have found something that helps my seb derm. 2 weeks ago I purchased an electric shaver for my face (I'm a guy). I bough an expensive model ( Braun series 7) as I wanted as little irritation as possible. Using the electric razor has helped tremendously. It is waaaaay less irritating to my face, if at all. In the past I would wet shave with a blade and my seb derm would be bright red right after shaving and would take hours for the redness to go down to baseline levels. With the electric shaver the redness does not increase at all with shaving and I believe that because I am irritating the skin less, I can already see a slight improvement in the overall redness in just 2 weeks of using the electric razor. However, I would caution that using a cheaper electric model may be irritating to the skin, and this is just my experience with the Braun series 7 razor.

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    Frogman--I'm glad you found something that helps with the redness! I hope it continues to keep working. My Vbeam test spot is still slowly healing (bruising went from purple to light brown now!) so I haven't been back in for more yet, but will soon.

    Monica--I understand your frustration with some derms saying seb derm/others rosacea--I've gotten that a lot. If you can get someone to prescribe elidel it might be worth a try--some derms said I had both seb derm and rosacea and that elidel could help with both. During the month I tried it on my face (before it started to burn too bad to continue--but I have this problem with all topicals though) it did seem to help with the flakiness--and I have used elidel on my neck since it was colonized by yeast (per a biopsy)--it went from really bad red rash with flakiness to complete clearance in a few days and hasn't come back since. so i've been happy with it for long term maintenance on my neck (5 months now and derms say it is safe to continue). Hope you find something that works well for you!

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