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Thread: Vbeam help with seb derm and/or demodex?

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    Default Vbeam help with seb derm and/or demodex?

    I was wondering if anyone found that Vbeam helped with their seborrheic dermatitis or with pustules/rashiness possibly caused my demodex mites? I've been looking through the old threads and the doctor q and a's here, and it seems like Vbeam can help with seborrheic dermatitis, but IPL can aggravate it? Has this been anyone's experience with either Vbeam or IPL? Or has anyone found that Vbeam makes their seborrheic dermatitis worse? I haven't seen much in the threads about whether Vbeam can help or hurt with demodex mites? Has anyone seen a change in demodex from Vbeam or from IPL?

    I have severe flushing, unresponsive to meds, so Vbeam seems needed. I was hoping to minimize some of the other chronic problems I've had with my skin before I did Vbeam--the doctors aren't sure if it's build-up from seborrheic dermatitis and/or pustules/rashiness possibly caused my demodex mites, but the dermatitis hasn't responded to any oral meds I've tried (ivermectin, fluconozole, oracea, accutane) and I can tolerate any topicals right now. So I was wondering if going ahead with Vbeam anyway is a good idea or potentially could make things worse--or if maybe it could actually help with everything? Any experience others can share would be greatly appreciated!

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    I am wondering the same thing. I just joined the forum. I have redness from seb derm in my beard area. I have a consultation with a laser doc to see if vbeam will help. It's in about 10 days

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