Hi folks,

I'm back. My main question is this: knowing that I have the early stages of rhinophyma, is it advisable to try 660nm Red Light Therapy? Rhinophyma is, in part, a process of angiogenesis (new blood vessels forming), and Red Light Therapy is known to cause angiogenesis (which is good for normal wound healing, but bad for rhinophyma).

Some background on me: 5 years ago I finished the Syrokomskyy treatment, which is super tough. I was very pleased with my results for about 3 years: the flushing, burning, stinging, tingling, itching were gone, and the constant skin growth on my nose was kept in check. Then, things started going down hill: my flushing, burning, itching, stinging returned, and worse, the nose on my skin continues to thicken. I've no pustules or papules, no swelling of the nose, just constant inflammation associated with the interminable "bubbling up" of new inflammatory spots on my nose, like little red spots under the skin.