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Thread: Nose tip swelling ...growing larger over past 2 years

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    Default Nose tip swelling ...growing larger over past 2 years

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I have never had Rosacea or at least that I know of. I have had oily skin with mild acne. 2 years ago my nose began to slowly change and so did my cheeks, My face honestly began to look different. People always comment about it. Visably noticeable in photos. I would tell the doctors and they would just ignore me. Finally I went to 4 plastic surgeons in over an 8 month period with photos of my face over the last 3 years. They all agreed that I have Rhinophyma. Neither of them will operate until I work with my Dr and or Derm. Two said they wont even touch it!! I am right now waiting for an appointment next month with a DERM.. So my nose has grown alot on the past year. The tip has become bulbous and has thick skin now. I can feel it tingling or pulsating when it is going into this growing cycle. I recognize this because I felt the same feeling around the same time last year which is why I initially went to the first plastic surgeon. Right now it is growing and swelling. It has been increasing in size over the last 3 days. Worst yet in the 2 years!I don't know why. I cry all the time about this. I am a 45 year old woman and I always take care of myself. This is so humiliating to me. I don't want to see anybody because they all stare at my nose as I look so different. What can I take now for it while I wait for the appointment with the DERM. My regular Doctor will prescribe me whatever I ask him until I see the DERM. I need it to stop swelling now!!! In my cupboard I have Naproxen and also metronidazole pills. Do they help Rhinophyma? What type of procedures should I do? What else can I take? Please help me and tell me what has worked for you. Thank you so much.
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    I think the surgeons are right to be very cautious about operating on your nose without you having specialist dermatology advice. You need to find a dermatologist with particular expertise in rosacea, not any dermatologist. There are a number of treatments which may have a positive impact on your nose and reduce the swelling before you consider surgery (and should you have surgery are likely to ensure that the surgical treatment lasts). Alpha blockers such as clonidine or moxonodine and beta-blockers such as propranolol can be very helpful to control the spread of rosacea (reduce swelling of blood vessels). Anti-depressant medicines like mirtazapine can also be useful - because they seem to have an anti-inflammatory impact on the rosacea. Anti malarials are also very helpful such as hydroxychloroquine or mepacrine. These would all be far less drastic options to try before surgery. If you were ever going to have surgery then I would recommend finding a surgeon who has successfully treated many cases of rhinophyma before which may mean travelling some distance depending where you live. I suspect the surgeons you talked to are particularly unconfident in working with you because they have not treated rhinophyma before (this is not a common reason for surgery).

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