This is a two part question: 1. I am 30 years old and have always had an issue with flushing and super sensitive skin. Just the last year, however, my face started to break out in acne looking red bumps and flush. I was told by my dermatologist that I have rosacea, and prescribed me on a topical med that was awesome, but I found out it's not safe to use if trying to get pregnant. So I just started Clindamycin Phosphate and am using it as a moisturizer and medication in one. The first two weeks was great. Then I didn't use it for three days. I started it again on Friday and my face exploded with a constant burning sensation and red dry bumps all over my trouble spots (my cheeks). Did I just piss off my skin or what? Why would it work the first time and then now when started up again, cause a reaction?

2. Do most people get acne looking red and dry bumps as a result of the rosacea? That's my issue and I could even deal with the flushing, but the bumps are embarrassing. I never had acne or any skin issues until a year or two ago.