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Thread: Scarring caused by demodex ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmmBee View Post
    Hello, I have those hairs coming out! Are they really fine too and easily break. It would be great if we could swap stories and see if we have the same thing. Please let me know if you see this and I'll tell you what I've tried and found. X
    Hola EmmBee,

    In my case I could not know what I have, I usually get up with normal skin and as the day goes by I end up with a red, inflamed face. It is not rosacea, it looks like keratosis, I have some keratin plugs and some small depressions. Nothing comes out in my nose.

    In the light I see that the rough areas are darkening and are full of transparent hairs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaronj222 View Post

    What do your scars look like are they really small and shallow? Or linear/circular? Do you have a lot of these scars or very few?.
    They are small, shallow and circular. My skin has cleared up a lot since I have been taking omega3/Vitamin E supplements. Also when I took cetirazine for my hay fever as well, which leads me to believe it was some kind of allergic or immune reaction. I am just happy it has cleared, for now anyway. I actually had a cyst on my left cheek for well over 7 months. It kept exploding with pus.... and did not heal. Nothing worked at all. It has cleared now though. I really hope it doesn't come back. It was horrible.

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