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Thread: Biom8 Review

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    Only guessing, that the amount of Sea Buckthorn seed oil is tiny, less than 0.2%.

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    Indeed, it's unlikely to do any harm. And some people have clearly had success with BIOM8 oil judging from all the positive reviews -- although I wasn't one of them. I don't mean to discourage people from trying it out, just that they shouldn't have their expectations too high considering it doesn't have a very clear mechanism of action.

    As an aside, I must thank Federico for bringing Sebodiane SD to my attention, as the information about it in this pdf looks quite promising -- and it's nice to see a product that actually has some trial studies to support it. Their focus on skin barrier repair reminds me of Dermadexin SD cream, which I would be keen to try even though it appears to be perpetually stuck in FDA limbo.

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    I finally tried Biom8, in first moment I`ve a lot of doubts about it use or not. About 2 weeks ago I was on DS crisis and start to use it on T-zone every night before go to bed.

    Now Im really impressed with the results, my skin looks healthier and the scalp and redness goes away.

    I have tried a lot of products on my skin and some of them I got great results at the beginning but after using them a for long period it seems to become ineffective. Now I hope it doesnt happen to Biom8.

    My rotine is:

    Morning - Moisturizer for oily skin. (Clinique)
    Shower - Im using Head and Shoulders on my face, I always use a common Shampoo that not make my skin feels dry.
    Before Bed - Biom8 on T-zone

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