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Thread: how does Rhinophyma begin?

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    Default how does Rhinophyma begin?

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me the first signs?
    I have what could be an area of thicker skin, a funny shaped area and a spot that won't go away on the inside of my nose
    I showed a GP the spot and she gave me antibiotic cream which I won't be using and said to come back in ten days
    I think I should go back to the GP
    How quickly does rhynophyma start?

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    For me it was episodes of itching, and nose skin that felt tough like there was fluid in it. Followed by redness and then like the pores were indenting and growing.

    After massive treatment with many things including topical and ivermectin oral, all of a sudden out of the blue one day, all the large indented pores raised to the surface as very full but irritated blackheads. At first they were not extractable and just remained as red irritated blackheads, but one day, again out of the blue, they were no longer red and were easily extractable. They were quite full of thick sebum. And that was the end. It was all very strange. There was about 6-7 of them in random places on the nose.

    I caught it and treated it early before it became untreatable but it took a lot

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    Default Nose

    Hello -

    I have noticed in the last two years my nose has enlarged. It tingles and buzzes and burns and swells when I eat the wrong rosacea food. Other than that I do not appear to have any enlarged pores or bumps or dints, etc. I feel this is rosacea of course but does it sound like it could turn into Rhinophyma? Thank you.


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