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Thread: Normal Physiological Blushing/Flushing Vs Rosacea Blushing/Flushing

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    Default Normal Physiological Blushing/Flushing Vs Rosacea Blushing/Flushing

    I feel like all the sources I read regarding rosacea mention blushing/flushing as one of the symptoms. However, they are never clear on what distinguishes normal physiological blushing/flushing from rosacea blushing/flushing. I mean, don't most people normally blush/flush to a certain degree after eating spicy food, drinking alcohol, strenuous exercise, or after a particularly embarrassing/stressful event? How long does a typical rosacea blush/flush last? How exactly does the look of a rosacea blush/flush differ from normal physiological blushing/flushing? Could someone please elucidate on this matter?

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    Hi, I've always been a blusher and have always had rosy cheeks when I've been hot etc. But then This year I started flushing much worse and when I normally wouldn't really go pink at all. For me my rosacea flushing is much Redder, covers a larger part of my face and it hurts. It also feels extremely hot to touch and takes a long time for it to go down. I also have one worse cheek than the other. Also i now wake up flushed, before rosacea I always had perfect skin and woke up pale. Hope that helps. Remember everyone is different

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