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Thread: They say catching rosacea early is good...

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    Default They say catching rosacea early is good...

    ... well it hasn't done **** for me. I first had flares the week after the weekend of July 25, 2015. Since then, I've gone downhill. I got with a dermatologist as soon as September 2 and nothing I'm doing is helping. So much for catching it early mattering.

    27 yo male... no other family members have or have ever had this ****. Why me, this is bull****.

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    It sucks. I have had it for 3 years. I am 22 now feel you

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    Lightbulb hey i hope i can help

    hi! i'm 26 and i've had rosacea for about 3 years now. at first i didn't really do much about it but after a while it started to get worse. first major change i did was giving up alcohol it's been a year and so since my last drink. that helped! and of course i also have eczema on 3 of my fingers..i read that many people who have rosacea also have there a connection between the two of them? anyways! i started a new thing, i gave up gluten ;) about two months ago that also helped and the last thing i've tried and it really helps is giving up milk. i also plan on giving up other dairy products but i'm taking one step at a time.
    oo and i also went to two dermatologists, one of them didn't help me at all, gave me a lotion that made my skin look even worse, it's called METROCREME, the other dermatologist gave me ROSALIAC AR INTENSE from La Roche-Posay i like it, it is very good, i think it helped me
    i hope you read this and helps you as much as it helped me at first it was hard to do all these changes but it was worth it and i will keep on eating this way until the rest of my life if i have to, i got used to it

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    thats awesome bro. Well yea I have been gluten and dairy free for about 2 month, but recently stopped since I was too tempted too drink beer, chocolate etc. Didnt really want to live like that for the rest of my life. After I stopped it have been worse though (might be because i barely sleep. This rosacea/seb derm made me a bit anxious and depressed). I am not sure yet whether I have rosacea or seb derm - might be both dno.

    I just received Cerave PM moisturizer, due too the good reviews I found about that and also the fact that it doesnt irritate seb derm. I find it quite helpfull already, but I only used it for 2 days. Atleast it doesnt irritate my skin like my former moisturizer did. Aswell I have ordered E45 shampoo (with climbazole) too test if I have seb derm or not. Will give it too weeks too show some results.

    For my eyes I ordered Optive + the strongest one. My eyes are so irritated all the f****** time. Might be sleep aswell.

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