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Thread: Menopausal rosacea/acne cure

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    Default Menopausal rosacea/acne cure

    After reading this site some months back I now want to share my cure for rosacea/acne without antibiotic anything. I am mid 50s, I have had rosacea and acne flareups for about 5 years. My treatment is this: I cleanse my face morning and evening, using liquid castile soap with lavender, tea tree and rose essential oils mixed in, I then moisturise my whole face with a natural oil based moisturiser, I then dab neat tea tree oil around the nose on any blemishes which may be there - for the acne (I think the moisturiser on first is a good idea as then the tea tree oil does not go on to absolutely raw skin) I let this absorb for a minute then put a dry finish, factor 30 facial sunscreen around the nose and cheek area - for the rosacea just in the morning. After 6 weeks the acne is under control and rosacea has disappeared. After eating yogurt daily I am also now free of the side effects of taking antibiotics! Obviously I also think a healthy diet and good hydration can't hurt. Really hope this helps someone.
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    Great! It's always great to hear success stories. Thanks for sharing!

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