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    Default Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate -- mmmmmm

    The plan is to emulsify (solubilize) chocolate powder in milk. Without an oil-in-water emulsion, chocolate powder is merely dispersed in milk, and the chocolate flavor is reduced.

    As a side note, distinguishing between dispersed and emulsified (solubilized) is important to the use of topical skin treatments also-- some topical skin products contain an active ingredient, but it's merely dispersed instead of solubilized, so it isn't bio-available to the skin.

    This recipe is for one 12-ounce mug, filled to about 10 ounces, and is easily scale-able for total world domination.

    1) Pour about 20 chocolate chips, preferably 65% cacao and organic, into the bottom of a mug. Add 1 Tbl. of oil, preferably MCT oil or grapeseed oil, which are flavorless and wonít take away from the natural chocolate flavor. Add the contents of one 1200 mg capsule of sunflower lecithin, by snipping off one end and squeezing out the contents. Heat on the stove in a pan with 3 inches of water. Lecithin is the emulsifier, that will combine the oil in the chocolate with the water in the milk.

    2) Also heat 8 ounces of milk, preferably local-sourced whole milk, in a separate mug, in the same water-filled pan.

    3) At the point where the chips begin to melt, about 130F, add 1 heaping tsp. of a hot cocoa/sugar mix, preferably Ghiradelli "double chocolate" powder mix. Then add 2 level tsp. of 100% unsweetened cacao, preferably Ghiradelli. Swirl the contents in the bottom of the cup to wet the cacao, and return to the water-filled pan to heat until the mixture is glossy and you canít see any powder bits, about 140F. (You don't have to use chocolate chips at all, but they're a useful marker for the right temperature, when they begin to melt. You don't want to burn the chocolate or the milk.)

    4) Take 1 Tbl. of hot milk, and add to the melted cacao mix while stirring, until blended, about 10 seconds. This will start the process of emulsification. Repeat with 5 more 1 Tbl. of hot milk. Then add the rest of the hot milk and stir briefly.

    Ta-daaa Ė delicious. You can buy the cocoa ingredients at Whole Foods or Super Target. Sunflower lecithin capsules are sold in the vitamin aisles of any grocery store.

    By using both the hot cocoa/sugar mix, and the 100% cacao powder, you can experiment to dial-in your preferred ratio of chocolate to sugar. I like a low-sugar recipe. Or, you can add peanut butter, bananas, etc., for a smoothie.

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    Default Mayo?

    Just out of curiosity, have you tried making homemade mayonnaise using MCT oil? Currently I use Avocado oil, since it doesn't have a strong overpowering flavor and emulsifies nicely. I'm definitely going to try it out MCT oil mayo in the future.

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    I haven't tried to make MCT mayonnaise but it sounds like a good idea.

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    Hi, what is MCT oil please? I am interested in making home made mayonnaise without soy.

    Thank you

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