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Thread: How I cured my Rosacea and chronic flushing

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    Default How I cured my Rosacea and chronic flushing

    Brothers and sisters I have the answer.........I will cut straight to the point if their is anybody out there dealing with strong flushing that mainly occurs in the evening then worry no many of you guys I have spent many hours hunting for a remedy for this awful problem, spent many evenings online scrolling through Rosacea forums looking for an answer only to find many people sympathising with my symptoms and not actually offering any actual help in turns of a cure ........I believe strongly that the only real cure for addressing the root cause of Rosacea especially the flushing is a concept called "traditional Chinese medicine" Google it and do some research. I myself was suffering from a condition called (tidal fever)...they will use a combination of chineses herbs, Dietary changes, blood letting and acupuncture ....I went to the chineses clinic for 3 months and am about 90% cured .....It is quite expensive but absolutely worth every penny....I often used to worry about how I was going to live my life with this crippling condition, spent many years of my life avoiding social situations in fear of my face burning up and what people would think of me ...only if a had known of this sooner .......please try this technique for at least 2 months I will assure you that you will find no better remedy and will be living life Rosacea free in no time it really is a simple as that ......I went to the traditional chineses medicine clinic in Cardiff and it worked wonders for me, very professional and friendly they will take time to explain the process and then kick Rosacea's ass

    Best of luck guys

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