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    Soo im red and itchy some times my ears get red my nose well the lover half is alvays red does that meen i could have this type of rosocea it never burns or itches but its red and im so sry that i did not see when i started to be in this situation was my nose skin fater or red?? So pls do help if you can...and is ther a way to stop it i been thinking maybe its stupid but like a masage maybe it would distroy that fating thishu of fat or skin i do not know any more...but yea im a bit dramatic so dont get mad if i ask a lot of questions and offten...but tnx for any advice or opinion you have in advance

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    Also if you would operate it escetic surgury would it come back? Becaus you remove that skin or fat or i dont know but cud it form again?

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