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Thread: Stuck with Seb Derm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbleez122 View Post
    Hey Luis, Yes I am currently on treatment day number 11 of the honey mask and am seeing limited results so far. It does not worsen the condition and helps exfoliate a small amount of flakes/biofilm but by the time I wake it up it looks like a new layer has already come back Benjamin that is interesting you had the same reaction as I did. My derm gave me more oral ketoncazole which of course helps but refuses to refill my script as my bilirubin has shot through the roof after my latest lab test. I asked him about sporanox or diflucan and he told me that because of the p-450's or something (I'm no doctor or scientist so I have no idea what that means) in the ketoconazole it is the only oral antifungal that is truly effective with malassezia. I was real bummed out but then moved on to my hegor 150 which worked at first but after a few days caused a lot of irritation and redness (I assume from the SLS) so I have backed off from that. My current regimen consists of the raw honey masks (local raw honey for 3 hours every other night), followed by promiseb, and when I'm in the shower or on the off nights of the honey mask I use a sodium sulfacetamide 10% sulfur 5% cleanser I was prescribed and then again followed by the promiseb. I am noticing a reduction in some flakes and a slight reduction in redness however I am getting more generic acne in places I don't normally get any. Just thought I would keep you all updated, my face has improved from day 1 but it is no drastic change that I am satisfied with. It's a never ending battle but I am not giving up.
    You could always try E45 dry scalp shampoo as an alternative to Hegor 150. It does not state the climbazole percentage, but it is a very mild cleanser / shampoo. I find it similar to Cerave hydrating cleanser.

    After using honey consistently for 3+months, I found I had much better results with my acne and seb derm after I switched to E45. I only use it as a face wash at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbleez122 View Post
    Hey Tom and Johnny,

    The promiseb cost me 35 dollars with my insurance. I don't think it's doing a lot to help but its definitely not hurting the situation either so I keep using it but only as a moisturizer to help relieve the tightness when I get out of the shower. I am relieved that your experience was/is similar to mine as I have felt like a freak of nature these past months not having a correct diagnoses. Here are some more photos (better I hope) I am just using an Iphone camera so I apologize they aren't the best quality. Thank you both for responding and let me know what you see in the more detailed pictures. Attachment 3674Attachment 3675Attachment 3676Attachment 3677
    Jbleez, after seeing your pictures, I am almost 100% convinced that my condition is mainly SD based and not rosacea. My skin looks a LOT like yours, but I always thought the redness on my cheeks was rosacea because I flush sometimes too. Do you think those small red bumps on your cheeks are Seb Dem related? I get those a lot but I always thought they were rosacea P&P's, though they don't really look like others P&P's. I have extremely oily skin like you and some pimples except I don't get whiteheads so much as closed comedones that like to inflame eventually. I've had SD for about four years, but stopped getting the red/scaly/burning patches for the most part when I changed up my diet so I thought the redness was rosacea. My cheeks and nose look a lot like yours though, especially the creases.

    Do you also have gunk/flakes in almost all of the pores on your cheeks and nose? My acne is pretty much limited to around my mouth and chin like yours seems to be.
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