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Thread: Keeping my Papulopustular Rosacea under control

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    Default Keeping my Papulopustular Rosacea under control

    Six years ago my face was a train wreck! It hurt, would bleed when I washed it, stung when I was hot or exposed to the sun, was peeling full of pus and discussing! The dermatologist said I had adult acne at 46 years old! She and her assistant were darling, 30ish years old and full of Botox! After months of nothing she prescribed, face washes, laser treatments, gels creams etc. I researched online a figured out I had a form of rosacea! Now I needed to figure out how to control it! I went back and told her what I though it was and she gave me the deer in the headlights stare! Obviously she didn't know how to treat it! She prescribed Oracea and I had several awful side effects! That wasn't gonna work!!

    Tracking my food intake, with list charts and reading every label, I came to the conclusion I could not tolerate any high histamine foods or drinks or I would break out and my face would feel like needles were stabbing my face. This means, none of the foods I love and crave. Blue cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, balsamic vinegar, RED wine, fish sauce, anchovies, soy sauce, liquid aminos, anything with a high histamine was out!! This seemed to help. If I have a salad with balsamic & blue cheese, it's only minutes before my face starts feeling like needles are stabbing it and has little pus heads all over it! Lately, I've found in the last couple weeks that xanthan gum that thickens dressings and is in a lot of processed dressings and some foods triggers it as well.

    Another something I tried from reading other blogs was possible face mites, and using tea tree oil. I read about not using it full strength and did it anyway. I used the "Now" brand. (I tried another brand that was 100% and it burned my face) I swabbed my eye brows, eye lashes, hair line and nape of neck. BE CAREFUL! THIS WAS NOT SMART BUT I WAS DESPERATE!!! Sometimes I would get sores on my scalp and hair lined and this cleared it up within a day or two. I also started washing my pillow cases a couple times a week & somewhat scrubbing my face with baking soda daily.

    My conclusion, has been with these changes, and eating only things I can pronounce on a label. Nothing aged period. I still drink wine, just changed it to chilled white. I still eat cheese, just ricotta and fresh mozzarella, (not aged) try not to get too much sun and overheated, wash my face with dove followed with a baking soda scrub daily, use sunscreen, and tea tree oil around my hair line and eyebrows every couple weeks.

    I hope my story and ideas at least help someone.

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    I'm glad you have made some progress treating your rosacea yourself. I have had good success doing similar things, but I am also pursuing healing my gut and it is working. I used to react to eggs, hummus, salad dressings with vinegar, soy, tomato sauce, sausages and other preserved meats, sauerkraut, garlic and onions and I also suspected xanthum gum. You are the first person I have found mentioning that as problematic also. Now after several months of taking triphala (an ayurvedic tonic of three fruits), probiotics and some herbs to kill a pathogenic bacteria in my gut, I no longer have problems eating most of those foods. I still have some problems with eggs and pizza. So there's hope for being able to eat those trigger foods again if we can heal the gut issues.

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