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Thread: Tea Tree Oil, Little White Bumps

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    Default Tea Tree Oil, Little White Bumps

    I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I've been using tea tree oil for about a week, 2x per day, morning and night. I'm using jojoba oil as the carrier, and the mixture is a little less than 25% of the tea tree oil. I was using the jojoba oil previously for a moisturizer, so I only added the tea tree oil to my regimen.

    Interestingly, after this week, the pores on my cheeks and nose (where rosacea/redness was the worst) have little white bumps or plugs. I have them on my forehead and chin as well, but to a lesser degree. My face is not dry and I wouldn't call it any kind of irritation or rash, either. Nor is it acne or p&p. And, actually, it seems the pores are smaller and the perpetual pinkness has faded a little--which I was surprised to see after so short a time! I hadn't expected any result after only a week. (I might also be imagining it--wishful thinking, you know).

    At any rate, I wondered if anyone has experienced something similar after using the tea tree oil?

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    Yes,I had them too. It's nothing to worry about, they go away. I think that it's a sign that the tto is working, maybe they are the die-off effect of demodex.

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    Default Thanks!

    That's what I was wondering as well, if it had something to do with the mites dying. Many thanks!

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    It's a die off, it gets bad then better and then really bad before it stops. They mites have a life cycle so until they complete it you will get better then worse, you just have to not give up and stick it out. You can look at the pictures in my blog where I documented my treatment daily with pictures. You will have to keep using the tea tree oil though or they will eventually come back.

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