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Thread: Myth about Caffeine (specifically coffee and tea)

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    Default Myth about Caffeine (specifically coffee and tea)

    A video posted by the National Rosacea Society website talks about whether coffee and tea are triggers for our Rosacea. I do drink coffee still. In fact, when I was first diagnosed back in December of 2014, when I drank a hot cup of coffee, I did flush big time so I gave up coffee. However, as I did more research on the matter, I found out that when I drink coffee at a lukewarm temperature, I did not flush. In fact, nothing happened to my Rosacea face. So for me, there is alot of truth to the video on youtube posted by the NRS. And I still drink coffee --- at lukewarm temperature. So if you gave up coffee or tea because of your Rosacea, try drinking it lukewarm and see what happens. Everyone's condition is different with so many varying triggers, but if you gave up coffee because you were drinking it hot and it aggravated your skin, let it cool or add a few ice cubes like I do to cool it down and relax and enjoy that cup of coffee. Just thought I would share my own experience.

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    Interesting. Like you said, it's different for
    Everyone. I still drink my morning coffee at
    Reduced temperature. But if I drink it too
    Strong, I flush. I love very strong coffee so
    That's a bummer. Today I decided to have
    An afternoon cup of coffee and I flushed for
    2 hours. I've tried afternoon coffee before and
    I guess I know now for sure I can't do it. Last,
    My eyes burn badly if I drink too much coffee.

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    Just know that, i found myself actually rarely drink coffee and tea ( i guess i am on the right track!).
    But sure this will valuable information to me.

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