Hi guys,

After having acne (12 years), seb derm (5 years), oily skin (don't know since when), dry skin (occasionally) I finally cured them all 100%. How? By not doing ANYTHING. And by learning not to care. At all. Seriously. While the healing of all these did not occur overnight, one thing changed immediately - I was feeling a free happy man after I stopped giving a rat's ass about such superficial problems; after I stopped looking myself in the mirror 5 times a day; after I started living without caring if I have a pimple if my face was peeling, if it felt oily or dry, or if it was hurting from a zyst, or however they call them big ones.

When did the healing happen? I have no idea. I just stopped paying attention to myself in the mirror so much. It went down pretty much like this - I was having a rough week in terms of everything - the result my face flamed with seb derm around my nose and all over my cheeks (I've never been so bad, usually it was just on the T-zone). It was itchy it was nasty - it was what AAAALLL the dermatologists called seb derm, or seborrhea (or even they don't know what exactly it is). Anyway on top of that I had it on top of that - on my scalp too. But I managed to top even that - I had acne zysts on my chin. It was bad. The worst I've ever had for the last altogether 12 years. What did I do? One thing. I decided - OK. I've been to enough dermatologists (more than 10 during the years), I have tried enough medcs (can't count them), I have tried enough diets (ANYTHING that was on the Internet I tried), so maybe it's time I stopped caring? Stop stressing about these superficial problems? Hell, if I got diagnosed with something serious tomorrow, G-d forbid, what kind of man would that make me, the one who sweats over a pimple or red skin?! And I have read enough psychiatrists' books saying it was the case with many cancer-stricken people, to say this a short while after being diagnosed - "cancer brought me back to life - I just stopped caring about meaningless stuff, and started living about the meaningful." So that day, that awful skin and everything else day I carved it as my principle "It is key to one’s well-being to draw the line between the meaningful and the meaningless and live by it." Is it meaningful that I pay attention to such trivial, superficial problems such as acne seb derm, oily skin?! Hell, no. So I stopped paying attention. It was tough. In the first few days my face was both itching and hurting from the seb derm and acne. But I noticed the less I care and pay attention, the less it was hurting and itching. This tendency kept on for the next days.

A week later my mother asked me - "What did you do? These creams you are using seem to really help. You have nothing." I didn't even know. I looked myself in the mirror - nothing. My face was clean. Literally. No acne, no seb derm. Of course I still had my small acne marks.

Now. Truth be told. Occasionally I still feel my face itch and hurt a little. (Today it's 6 months after I stopped caring) But A) I still don't care about it B) it’s normal – one does not heal their mind that quick after 12 years of paying too much attention to such bull**** and C) It's just itching and hurting occasionally - when I look myself in the mirror I have nothing.

Main point - after stopped caring I started feeling great about myself.

The reason why I am writing all this is that I wish it could help somebody.

On an unrelated note a couple of months ago I got fungi on my penile head. I’ve had that a lot too over the years. Use condoms, people! Unless it’s the one you want to have kids with. This time – same drill. No doctors, no meds. I said to myself if it doesn’t heal in a week I will just put on one of the many creams I was prescribed with before. It was itchy and spreading, even more on the second day, a lot more on the third. Still I did not pay attention. On the forth – less itching. On the fifth – nothing. All clear.

I will leave my email address in case people have questions or are looking for advices for how to stop caring. Not that I am an authority in anything – I am just sharing my story here. One thing I will not do however - indulge into any arguments. I won't. And I don’t care if you believe or not, so I will not bother with any such emails too. Here is the email - thesecretofnotcaring at gmail dot com (it's lame, I know, but “dontcare” was taken and so were most of its derivatives. So many "non-carers"! Wohoo!)

Have a great day!