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Thread: Brimeonidine NEED HELP

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    Default Brimeonidine NEED HELP

    Hey have been suffering from rosacea for 3 years now.
    Before that I have been suffering from chronic psoriasis since 2010
    which ended hospitalizing me and being on Cyclosporine.
    I still suffer from this with nothing that helps to really keep it under control.
    Then the Rosacea started of in 2012 when I started to get some blood vessels show on my cheeks.
    I then started to get light flushes nothing big.
    from last 2012 to mid 2013 it had gone from light flushes and some blood vessels to full blown flushing, and loads of blood vessels on my face.
    The flushes make my whole face go tomato red and it burns like someone had rubbed chilly on my face.
    I flush from:
    Direct sunlight
    Exercise (from light to heavy)
    Hot Food
    Emotions (anything from stress, anger, shock, anxiety , embarrassment, and fear of judgment)

    I tried to commit suicide twice in the end of 2013 and got put in a mental hospital under Sec.5 of the mental health act. I suffer from chronic anxiety disorder and depression and am house bound for over a year now.
    My GP knows I need to see a Dermatologist but home visits are out of the question.
    They only treatment I have ever received on my rosacea is Lymecycline.
    That helped with the spots and bumps but nothing with the flushing.
    I just been prescribed Brimonidine 3mg/g, my GP thinks this might help.
    I Google'd Brimonidine and all I found was results of people saying it makes things worse?
    I'm scared to use it.
    Please I need advice.
    Someone please help me

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    Hi, Big hug to you! So sorry to hear what you've been going through.

    I would advise against trying the brimonidine. Several folks here were hurt by it - and ever since it was branded into cream called Mirvaso, the forum has seen many, many people with stories of how it made their rosacea worse. It's not a treatment, anyway. It's just a cosmetic vehicle to reduce redness for a certain amount of time each day. Since you're at home, I really wouldn't risk it.

    Flushing can be improved. It just takes trial and error to see what will work for you. You'll find that what helps one person with their flushing may not help another. I say this just because if you try some remedies you find here or elsewhere, try not to get discourage (easier said than done, I know). Just move on to something else.

    Talk to your doctor about clonidine. Many of the flushers here are on it. It works within the central nervous system to thwart flushing. Also, propanolol and other beta blockers are also an option.

    Are you on an anti-depressant? Many of the flushers have found relief from their flushing (or a reduction) from anti-depressants. Some of the ones that have worked are Remeron, Celexa, Zoloft and more. Remeron is particularly popular.

    Let's see. Another thing I do is take an antihistamine every day. It's a 24 hr one. I take it about 30 mins before I take a shower. It helps limit or prevent any flushing from the shower and then stays with me for a day to help with any high-histamine food triggers.

    Diet is a huge help. There are many food which cause inflammation. So you want to aim for a more anti-inflammatory diet. So cutting down sugar is a biggie Table sugar but also processed foods). Low sugar, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free. This will not only help your face, but your mood, energy and overall health. Try aiming for more whole foods in your diet and cut out the bad stuff. You should see and feel a difference fairly quickly.

    Probiotics. Take a good probiotic supplement each day. I take Dr Ohirra's but there are many brands. Align. Five-Lac. They help bring your gut into better alignment - good bacteria versus bad bacteria. Can help with flushing and/or breakouts.

    Skin care. Not sure what you're using. But I always suggest to treat your skin like a rash - not as acne. So no harsh chemicals. Only soothing ingredients. Cerave and Cetaphil brands are options. Look for brands aimed at sensitive skin. Gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Keeping your skin well moisturized can reduce some of the irritation that can lead to flushing.

    Supplements are also an option. It's good to know what nutrients you are lacking - or maybe you can guess if you know you don't eat certain foods. (There's an old thread here somewhere where the person found out she was wasn't absorbing B12, started taking the shots - and her psoriasis went away. Not her rosacea, though. But once she started looking at other vitamin deficiencies and corrected them, her rosacea improved.) You will see once you poke around on this site that many folks have had some improvement/success with things like Vit C, D, magnesium, Niacinamide, Quercetin/Bromelan, grape seed extract and others.

    Use the search box and/or google and you'll find tons of threads here where people are discussing various remedies that have worked for them. Or that haven't. It can be overwhelming at times. But this is a great place to get info and support. So welcome! Join in on the discussions here - the more the merrier! And keep the faith. You will get better!

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    Btw, much of the above will help flushing AND the bumps/breakouts. But for breakouts specifically - you might try some things such as sulfur (Prosacea, Braunsfels powder, De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment), tea tree oil - diluted in your moisturizer. But since you're flushing, you want to treat the skin barrier gently. You will likely get some relief from diet, etc, so that you may not need a topical.

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