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Thread: New, Pregnant and depressed. Need help.

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    Default New, Pregnant and depressed. Need help.

    Hey everyone,

    Recently diagnosed with Rosacea about a month ago. I noticed it around the time I got pregnant (I think I noticed some signs before). First it was really bad itching on the sides of my face that would come and go. Not too much redness. I noticed my scalp itching too. I had this happen to me about a couple years ago when I thought it was an allergic reaction of some sort and they put me on a short dose of prednisone. I caught it super early and it went away. Could that have been an early sign of Rosacea and I just caught it really soon?
    I was dealing with this fine until I finally couldn't take it anymore and with the approval of my obgyn she said it would be safe to take a short dose of prednisone. I thought it would go away like last time. You guessed it. It did not and things got way worse. The only thing safe for me right now is Finacea and it seems to be doing something... at least.

    I didn't know rosacea could itch so badly? The bumps itch so much and it was before the Finacea so I know that's not why it itches so much. Now I woke up a couple days ago with some different looking red bumps on my neck. They aren't bumpy but almost look like an allergic reaction but this don't really itch. I am so depressed about this. I have always had wonderful skin. No one in my family has this. My question is should I use the Finacea on my neck or not?

    Also, the most interesting thing is that my face tends to semi clear up when I use Benadryl. Is this normal? Do other people ever do this?

    Any advice would help. The stress of my pregnancy isn't helping either. So I could use some friends over this. I know no one who has this.
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    Any help or advice? I could use a friend.

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    Hi there. It's difficult to tell what's going on from your pic. It looks very minor from the photo but clearly it's causing you some distress. It could well clear up on its own. I'd avoid using anything on it and see what happens in a few weeks. It may already have cleared given your post is a few weeks old. I hope it had and you're feeling better. From your pic it looks like your skin is really good. Let us know how you're getting on now. Sorry that nobody responded to your post until now.

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    Well it didn't go away. The finacea I've been using for about 7 weeks seems to be working but I'm flushing much more than I ever had. I actually never really flushed much. I'm wondering if it's the hot weather and the fact that I literally came down with rosacea within a month. It didn't even sneak up on me. I'm trying to stay calm. I've never experienced a hot face before and don't really know what to do about it.

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    Hi. I don't have Rosacea so can't comment on that, but I just wanted to give you a virtual hug really. All of us on here have been through a range of emotions in dealing with these issues. There is a ton of good information on here and each person is different with symptoms and what works for them. Have a good look at the posts and make some notes of things to try.

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