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Thread: Dental Abscess & Rosacea

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    My first encounter with Rosacea was in 2009.

    It just appeared from one day to the next on my nose. It happened almost immediately after I had a sun burn. As a typical guy, I ignored it. As time passed, the redness, small pimples with puss and the red blood vessels would not go away. Now, never having any sort of skin condition, I was becoming self conscious and embarrassed. I went to the dermatologist and was put on facial cleansers, creams, metrogel and antibiotics. Nothing really helped as this embarrassing condition came and went.

    I try to wear baseball hats and glasses to mask it when I have a bad flare up. My stress levels also seem to trigger it. I even try to expose my face to sun purposefully so that I can mask this rosacea as a sunburn (this works rather well! :-)

    Well, today I went to the dentist and he found that I needed to remove two of my wisdom of which had an infection (abscess). I had no idea as my wisdom teeth have never bothered me before. I have likely has this infection under my wisdom tooth for years without even knowing it. He extracted both of them. His assistant explained that dental infections can adversely affect your health and even be fatal. I had no idea and then asked if they know of a correlation between dental abscesses and rosacea. They had no information about this.

    I then started researching the net and found a few forums and posts where others were suffering the same type of rosacea that almost completely cleared up after having dental abscesses and infections eradicated by way of extractions.

    Today is day 1 for me. I hope this does the trick because I consider myself to be a good looking guy and I'm in real estate. Having people stare at my nose and ask me what happened to me is beyond embarrassing.....

    I will update this post if this does the trick.... dental health is something to think about if you haven't already. If I would not have gone to the dentist today, I would have never known.

    Again, this may be bad advice however getting a little bit of sun the day before an event, meeting, get-together etc....camouflages the rosacea perfectly...

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    That is interesting indeed, thanks for posting.

    Please report back, whether this does the trick or not.

    And good luck, I hope it works out for you. I know only too well how a "rosacea-nose" can make you feel.

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