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I've tried parts-- I did not do well using the essential oils recommended for cleansing kapha skin and I think using that regimen helped my initial rosacea along because my skin and immune system were so out of balance already. I also did not respond well to the Auromere ayurvedic soaps; they just made my skin very dry and icky feeling. I pay attention to the recommended ayuvedic food lists and try to eat seasonally. It seems many of the foods that are to be avoided are listed on the rosacea triggers list.

An herbalist I was working with recommended I consider the triphala and I am glad that I did. The tablets from Planetary Herbals seems to be working very well for me so far and have totally gotten rid of burning stomach, burping and flatulence, major bloating and constipation. It has also brought back my normal appetite which had been fluctuating wildly. I plan to stay on it for a while as I am hoping it is regulating my digestion and healing the problems there. I read that it can even lower blood glucose and lead to weight loss. If it does that will be a bonus but I will be happy if all it does is continue to easy my digestive upset. I find that both my stomach and my face are more tolerant of foods that used to give me trouble, but it hasn't eliminated my worst triggers-- yet. I have been taking it approx. 3 weeks.
Sounds good. Good find. I have a pita/vata imbalance but tripahala may help. My digestive symptoms are much improved. I've eliminated sugar as far as possible and also most diary - although I do eat cheese sometimes. I am still eating bread but only organic and am trying to cut out processed foods although that's a difficult one to define as so many things are processed including bread and cheese and virtually anything in a bottle. But I am conscious of hijacking this thread. In short I think the TTO treats the "symptoms" of rosacea perhaps by keeping the mites in check but the real issue is in the autoimmune response and the gut plays a key role there. I am pretty sure good probiotics taken regularly help with the gut along with the right balanced diet.