I've been suffering from facial pain for more then a year. My GP had prescribed me neurontin, cymbalta...
nothing got rid of the pain. It was delibetating, I couldn't leave the house. People surrounding me were mad at times, because I didn't come to parties or didn't go anywhere with them. I couldn't attend the funeral of my best friends grandpa, I felt so guilty because she's always been there for me. I couldn't go to the themepark, shopping, park, or anything else with my kids and husband. It had put a lot of strain on my family's and friends relationship. Nobody could feel my pain, so they all thought I was overdramatizing, which wasn't.
Well, anyway, the reason I'm writing this is to say thank you to this supportgroup for telling me about clonidine and remeron. I've told my GP about it, he was against it, but after trial and error with different medications, he listened to me and prescribed me clonidine and remeron. At first I was a little skeptical, because everything (creams and pills) I had tried was a big failure. But it actually really worked, I couldn't believe it. After a year, it was just soooo weird to not feel pain on my face anymore. Everybody takes it for granted to wake up , looking in the mirror and see a clear face, walking around without pain.
So thank you again. I still look bad, so now I just have to go through the struggles of the mental pain, but I'm very gratefull the physical pain is gone. Of course it's not gone gone, I still have days I can feel some burning sensations, but it's minimal.
Now I can at least go outside, although I always have the feeling people are starting at my face. Especially when I have a face to face conversation with somebody, I feel soooo little, selfconfidence is out of the picture. During my conversation all i can think is: oh my god, he/she is staring at my face, what are they thinking.... How do you deal with that?