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Thread: How we cured my wife's rosecea

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    Default How we cured my wife's rosecea


    My wife and I actually ended up reading this forum a lot in the past year or so. My wife's face started flaring up about two years ago and it has bothered her for some time. I never quite understood it so much because I never really noticed it, but she did and I know now a lot of you go through the same anxieties, so my wife and I decided I would come on and make a post now that it's over.

    We tried everything to make it better and my goodness, it had cost me a lot of money. We did IPL treatments for two months, then V-Beam Laser for three months. Neither worked permanently. Then I took my wife to a Naturopath which got her on vitamins and looked for deficiencies. She had all sorts of vitamins, supplemented magnesium, and did a liver cleanse. Which didn't help permanently either. Then it was on to Chinese Medicine, daily herbs and weekly acupuncture to remove "heat" from her body. She ended up feeling a lot healthier after all the natural stuff, but it still did not cure what was bugging her the most.

    I could see the pain, frustration, and fear in my wife. It felt like such a trivial matter to me and I had felt like such a terrible husband for not realizing how much pain she was in. It wasn't physical pain, but this deep sadness that her skin would be like that forever. She was depressed and somber and there was nothing I could say to make her feel better.

    It was actually through this forum that we started seeing things with demodex mites back in March. She had almost given up, but I kept doing reading and research seeing what had worked for others. And I'm happy to say her rosacea has been cleared up and she is so much happier now.

    So what we did.

    Most of you now know that Tea Tree Oil kills demodex mites. So we went to the Body Shop at the mall and picked up their new Tea Tree Line products. They had a sale so we ended up with a bunch of their stuff. She has the face wash, the make up remover, and just the oil. She ended up adding the tea tree oil to her shampoo because she was actually getting irritation on her scalp as well. It felt exciting but at the time I was worrying it was a shot in the dark.

    Within weeks, her pain on her scalp had eased. I purchased her a few items from some company in the UK. It was called ProSkin Rosacea. She's currently using it as well, but I don't know if it was necessary. It seemed that the items from the Body Shop worked just fine. Either way, it took maybe 5 weeks, after an initial flare up to pretty much be completely free of redness for my wife. We have this forum to thank and are so glad everyone is here supporting each other.

    If anyone hasn't tried tea tree oil, I think it is worth a shot. I read earlier that sulfur works as well. But best of luck to all of you.

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    This is wonderful! I have to say she is very lucky to have you helping her. This can be depressing and very trying at times. We grasp at straws wondering how to fix it and the stress of that search often causes our condition to worsen. Having a supportive and proactive spouse is amazing. My husband knows I get frustrated and will listen to my theories and how I am going to fix myself, but I swear I see his eyes glassing over. Lol many just don't understand. This board, which I just discovered a couple weeks ago has incredible people with a great deal of knowledge.

    Keep us posted if she stays good!!

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