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Thread: Seborrheic Dermatitis/Caveman Regimen/Diet/Dead Sea Salt

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    Exclamation Seborrheic Dermatitis/Caveman Regimen/Diet/Dead Sea Salt

    Hi everyone,

    This year I started cleaning up my diet after I was tested on several grains also pollen etc.
    I am currently following a GAPS diet, (similar to Paleo) with a lot of bone broth and homemade fermented sauerkraut.
    I noticed die-off symptoms probably because bad bacteria was dying, I also take probiotics to replace the bad bacteria with some beneficial bacteria.
    All this has a slightly change in my seborrheic dermatitis, but not so much. Maybe I have to be more patient.
    Also when you experience die off symptoms your skin can get worse.
    After that I got into reading that the Malassezia yeast on our skin feeds of oils, butters (I used body butter) I also used tea tree oil shampoo, it seemed to make everything worse.
    So then I read about the caveman regimen, no water touching your face or some water. But not as much as my routine was.
    I still use some dead sea salt, but I am willing to give this regimen a try and at least not put any moisturiser on it anymore in order to hopefully balance out my skins acid mantle layer.
    I also think my bodybutter was clogging my pores and causing some acne (also maybe because of die-off symptoms).
    Sorry if my English isn't as good as yours, I am Dutch.
    Has anyone had any benefits from the caveman regimen or diet?
    I avoid starch, grains, legumes, dairy, corn. I also try to consume less fruit since sugars feed the gut flora.
    I first want to balance it all out, if possible.
    Thank you for reading my thread, I hope we can get rid of this condition all together!


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    I just use water to wash my face. I am not sure if that's caveman or not. But not washing at all (not even water) seems a bad idea to me. Just treat your face gentle.

    What do you mean by die-off symptoms? I never liked this "things get worse before they get better" kinda nonsense.

    Did you follow any treatment?

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