Being from a rural area, which has limited dermatology resources, and struggling with a monster like facial appearance, numerous severely painful facial pustular abcesses over a bright red swollen painful granulomatous face since February 2015, I was finally diagnosed with Severe Rosacea Fulminans this week. I can not locate a dermatologist within many miles of my home location who has treated Rosacea Fulminans , much less one who has ever seen this disease before , or who could timely diagnose it. Any guidance in locating a dermatologist in North Eastern United States with experience with Rosacea Fulminans would be so much appreciated. I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania, but am willing to travel to get the care I so desperately need and obtain some relief for my condition. My only treatment offered locally to date by dermatologists since February 2015 is minocylcine 100mg twice a day. This has helped some, but I am suffering daily, with new painful draining lesions continuing to appear. Any information in regard to a dermatologist who is familiar with this condition would be so very much appreciated. I find very little information in regard to dermatologists who treat Rosacea Fulminans in online resources. If anyone can guide me to a treatment provider, I would be forever grateful. Thank-you so very much.