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Thread: Histamine and Rosacea

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    Default Histamine connection with my rosacea

    I am 50 yo female postmenopausal. Had mild rosacea in my late teens. Just the redness and flushing especially after exercise. I never pursued a diet related cause. I just accepted that it was part of who I was.
    Summers were great in that i usually got a tan on my face and the redness was not very noticeable. Winters were worse, with drier skin as i got older. My early 40's things got much worse. My ears were constantly red., my face splotchy red most of the time, but less so in the morning. Flaring after i ate, pimples, and eye redness, extreme dryness, and what felt like swollen eyeballs. My face would flush badly to my lunchtime salad. Was drinking soymilk( which is high in histamines) for about 3 weeks and the redness across my cheek and nose was severe. This landed me in the derm office for the first time in my life, sent away with.. the usual pharmaseuticals which I reluctanly tried for a month. I heard about the histamine connection to rosacea and pursued it. It just made so much sense. After removing all sources of soy in my diet and products which took about a year of research, my ear redness went away. But my facial symptoms and eye symptoms persisted. My eyes were so red/yellow, and my vision would become blurry. My face was usually swollen so much so that I didn't really look like myself anymore. I looked old and felt old. After months of keeping a food journal, i discovered that my daily green tea with lemon was a DAO blocker that played a huge part of the puzzle. I researched the low histamine diet and removed all high histamine foods. The overall redness was diminishing, But my face was still flaring after everything i ate. I am now on a very low histamine diet and taking DAO enzyme supplements. If I take 4 of these a day, my redness in my eyes and face is significantly reduced. I am also pursuing the gut connection to all of this and have removed all grains from my diet. The swelling in my lower face and neck is getting better every day. I hope this helps someone else; it haas helped me get a handle on a 30plus year ongoing issue for me.

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    I have gut injury and histamine intolerance. I eat low histamine according to my triggers. Healing my gut and needing to eat low fodmap. I take Quercetin because it's an antioxidant that is good for the gut and is an antihistamine. A book that is helping me is The Microbiome Solution by Robynne Chutkan.

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