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Thread: Free from seb derm (1 month has passed)

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    Talking Free from seb derm (1 month has passed)

    This is my first post ever about my seb derm!
    Hi I'm Kyra, 20 yrs old, from the philippines. Vital stats: 5'5", 120-125 lbs. I've had seb derm ever since I was 16 yrs old, but it was mostly on the sides of my nose. I used a steroid cream prescribed by my derma for a good 3 yrs whenever it was too flaky and itchy. I found out that my flare-ups were mostly after I ate bread or anything sweet, but I still ate them bec. of my sweet tooth.

    Fast forward to Christmas 2014 my seb derm was spreading to my eyebrows and cheeks. My T-zone area was red and super itchy. I felt so depressed and helpless. Then I started drinking a probiotic drink from my country named Lacto Pafi. 30ml 3 times a day. It worked after 2 days! My face was nice and clear.

    However, I still ate junk food, bread, desserts, but only a few bites each. My seb derm was still there, but it was mostly on my nasal folds. I would just drink the probiotic after eating them, thinking that I would heal again. Then February 2015 came and I ate in an eat-all-you-can buffet twice that month. I ate so many desserts bec. I missed sweets, and who doesn't eat desserts in a buffet right??

    A week after, my seb derm was at its worst. I was red and flaky on the nasal folds, between eyebrows, both eyebrows, and the seb derm was spreading to my cheeks! Also, for the 1st time, I had seb derm on my whole nose!! I would cry at night bec. I couldn't live like this forever. I didn't leave the house, I avoided lighted areas, I was mostly on my bed moping. I was so itchy that I resorted to sleeping most of the time.

    So I stopped eating bread, anything with sugar, anything processed, in a bottle, can, or jar. Also, the probiotic drink wasn't working anymore. The seb derm was still spreading, and I had no idea why! My diet was so clean, and I always thought that seb derm could be controlled from the inside. Everyday I ate rice, egg, boiled chicken w/ soup, veggies, fish. This went on for a week, and the seb derm wasn't getting any better. I even used the Head & Shoulders conditioner as a cream, but it didn't work.

    Then I read in this forum that Jeff used a jock itch cream + Desonide cream to cure his face. So i thought that maybe my seb derm is coming from the outside, but also a bit from the inside. I stopped eating chicken and eggs bec. they're high in allergens, and maybe it was causing my seb derm to itch more. I started to eat beef and pork. I also went to the drugstore to buy a sulfur+salicylic acid soap since I read that it's good for seb derm. I also bought Oilatum soap. I've been using Cetaphil all my life for my face, so I wanted to switch it up. I didn't bother buying the jock itch cream, but I did buy the Desonide cream.

    In the morning while showering, I made sure my face was nice and wet, so that my flakes were softer to touch. Then I rubbed the sulfur+salicylic acid soap with my hands until it lathered up. Then I rubbed the soap gently to my T-zone area, where the seb derm was. I let it sit for around 2 mins before washing off. Wow it was extremely drying lol, but my face felt nice and not itchy after. My face was full of white wet flakes after the shower.

    At night, I washed my face with the Oilatum soap. Then I placed a bit of Desonide cream on my T-zone.

    This routine went on for 3-4 days until my face was smooth, clear, and seb derm free!!! It's been a month already I don't use the sulfur+salicylic acid soap anymore. And I only used the Desonide cream for around 4 nights. I do still use the Oilatum soap once a day. I'm not sure if I'll go back to using Cetaphil.

    Current Diet & Routine:

    Morning: 1/2 c plain yogurt + 1 Tb organic virgin coconut oil (I'm not sure if the coconut oil helps, but I love the taste)
    Lunch: rice, fish, pork or beef, veggies
    Around 4pm: 1 Tb organic virgin coconut oil
    Dinner: rice, fish, pork or beef, veggies
    Around 9:30pm: Wash my face with Oilatum soap

    What worked for me was:
    1. clean diet, but no chickens & eggs
    2. sulfur+salicylic acid soap once a day for 4 days
    3. Desonide cream during the night for 4 days
    4. Oilatum soap once a day everyday
    5. yogurt & coconut oil? (I'm not so sure about this)

    I don't really exercise. Also, I've been eating out in restaurants, but no desserts, and I stray away from fried food. I can eat meats w/ sauces like baby back ribs in bbq sauce. I try not to eat ketchup or mayo though.
    I'm open to questions!I hope I gave you guys some hope or an alternative treatment for seb derm because I know how degrading and depressing it really is. I do wish that I'm 100% cured forever!

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    Default 1 month 2 weeks

    I figured I should post an update since no one wants to reply

    So far I have had NO flair ups when it comes to these types of food; aka I've eaten these food with no reactions:
    1. Flour & Egg
    -used as batter/coating for any fried meat

    2. Sugar
    -from fruits. I've eaten avocado, pineapple, mango, banana
    -condensed milk: I usually make fruit shakes for dessert and I use condensed milk to sweeten it

    3. Dairy
    -whole milk, low fat milk, homemade soya milk

    4. Candy
    -if I really want something sweet, I suck on Ricola Lemon Mint lozenges haha. I know it's not candy, but it has no sugar, and it's a better alternative. It looks like this

    5. Meat
    -pork & beef
    -SPAM: I ate 2 slices of spam recently

    6. Seafood
    -crab, shrimp, fish

    7. Grains
    -Rice: I eat rice 2-3x a day lol
    -I haven't tried eating oats

    7. Fast food
    -I ate french fries yesterday, and no reaction!!

    8. Fats
    -coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil
    -chicharon or fried pork rinds (hahaha I love these )

    9. Condiments
    -vinegar (love love)

    -I haven't had any problems eating in restaurants as long as I eat anything under from the list above

    Now here's a list of food that gave me MINOR itching
    1. Pasta
    -penne, spaghetti; any kind of dried pasta
    -I think it's because of the flour content

    2. Sugar
    -I made Japanese beef sukiyaki, and whoah that dish has lots of sugar in it

    What I mean by minor itching is the areas in between my eyebrows and near my nasal folds got a bit itchy, but not red. The areas felt a bit rough to touch, but no flaking. To remedy that, I just used the sulfur+salicylic acid soap once for the next 1-2 days

    So far, I still haven't eaten plain egg, chicken, any form of bread, any form of dessert, soft drinks/sweet drinks, alcohol


    -1/2 cup yogurt (I rarely eat 1Tb of coconut oil now)

    2nd Breakfast:
    -a bit of rice (2 Tb?) & meat/seafood

    -rice, meat/seafood, veggies

    -rice, meat/seafood, veggies

    Note: the meat/seafood & veggies aren't steamed or boiled. They are either fried, or in a soup, or in tomato sauce or any sauce.

    -I just use Cetaphil on my face when I shower in the morning

    I also don't use the Oilatum bar soap since it's a bit drying to my face, and I'm scared to get wrinkles. I'm back to using Cetaphil once a day

    My face is still clear and seb derm free right now. There's no trace, and no one would notice that I actually had seb derm.

    I hope I'm helping somewhat from sharing my experience questions are encouraged

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    Default thx

    that is great news!
    How is your sitation now?

    What do you apply after the soap? no moisturiser?

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    Hi sorry for the late reply! My face is still clear and no flaking, redness or itching. I usually alternate Cetaphil and Oilatum every other day for my face. Also, i only wash my face once a day, usually when i shower in the morning. I never apply any moisturizer since it's always hot and humid here and my derma says they cause blackheads.

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    Anong gamit mong shampoo ate saka anong pinaka matagal mong remission as bandang face?

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    Thank you for this! I wonder if this is all related to diet for you then?

    DO you still do the probiotics? If not, how long did you use them for? I have been considering getting them, because it seems like gut health is super important with skin issues.

    Thanks again.

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