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Thread: What is best makeup for men? Should I trust makeup counter color matching devices?

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    Default What is best makeup for men? Should I trust makeup counter color matching devices?


    My struggle with blushing and london bus red color cheeks spans decades over which I have tried just about everything going. From meds Dixarit tablets, lately Mirvaso Gel (ouch - horrible sensation - like a headache for your face) to IPL. None of them worked particularly well, so that left me with foundation as the only option.

    Until now everything was going fine. For years I had been using Lancome Eau de Teint foundation (beige diaphane). It was very runny like water, you could keep it in the fridge to cool down your cheeks in the morning - it was a godsend as it was practically undetectable and didnt clump up at stubble. Then it was discontinued...(ca. late 90s)

    After that was discontinued, I managed to get the water-soluble Lancome Maquimat and basically do a bit of a chemistry experiment to "simulate" Eau de Teint by mixing Maquimat in a small bottle together with a high quality mineral water. That had been going well, but starting this year they discontinued Maquimat in mainland Europe, so now I am frantic to find something as a replacement.

    I searched online, and discovered everything nowadays seems to contain silicone, so water-based, "water-soluble" foundations don't seem to exist any more to allow me to continue "simulating" the original eau de teint that worked so well for me for all those years.

    Skin shade match
    First of all, before I pluck up the courage to visit makeup counters, I have a question about foundation shade. My sister says they now have these handheld devices at makeup counters that check your skin tone so they can recommend a foundation.

    BUT if they measure my skin, won't it say "red" and then they are going to recommend a matching red-based foundation which is not what I want at all? The very watery beige diaphane I had been using for years looked a subtle gray (not orange) and seemed to suck out the redness. But now I am reading reports that yellow sucks out the redness - which is it - yellow or gray?

    Foundation Requirements
    I suppose I'm looking for a near-undetectable foundation to tone down the red which:

    - Is suitable for sensitive. dry skin
    - Doesn't clump up at facial stubble or dry skin patches
    - Is easy to apply and doesn't take up too much extra time during the daily bathroom routine
    - Won't smudge too much at the collar of my shirt if I'm meeting business clients

    If anyone has any recommendations - especially guys - I'd love to hear from you. I've checked out youtube, but all the guys on there who are giving tips are not even slightly rosacea-afflicted, so they are doing things to put color back into their face after applying makeup, while I am trying to do the opposite - take color out.

    Thank you so much.

    (PS I ordered MUFE Face and Body in shade 20, but when it arrived in the post, I found it was still too dark, and the next lightest shade contained "pink" - the worst thing you could put on an already red face.)

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    Send the cosmetics companies an e-mail asking for a few samples, they're usually more than happy to help. I did just this recently in my search for sunscreen and now have 5+ samples to try, instead of spending 10+ on a bottle of product that my face might not even agree with. Give it a try!

    I've used a tinted moisturiser from Lumene, which gives very light coverage and has SPF 15+ protection. This is nice and while not undetectable (it collects in my nose pores) it is quite good especially if the skin is already quite calm. My other one is some sort of Maybelline liquid foundation, which to be honest doesn't work that well in concealing redness.

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    I wonder if theatrical/TV makeup would be best for men, as it's designed to not show on the face. Maybe you can contact a company that produces it and ask for samples.

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    You might try Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50. It's a tinted sunscreen. A liquid form. I use it (am female). It doesn't cover redness - but it tones it down. Good sun protection, too.

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    I've recently (as in, last week) bought Clinique Redness Solutions mineral pressed powder. It seems to just be yellow pressed powder from what I can tell, and after I apply it you can't tell I have anything on at all. It doesn't remove redness entirely but takes it my cheeks from being a deep red down to being a bit reddish (which blends a lot better with the rest of my face than two big red blotches), which is fine with me and I think it looks great. It also doesn't irritate my skin, which is a plus, since mostly everything else does.

    If you can't find decent foundation or want something that really doesn't look like you have makeup on, I can definitely recommend this. It's been a lifesaver for me so far.

    I apply it on its own in the morning before college and it seems to last all day, unless I sweat or work out then I have to apply more.

    I haven't tried ZincO yet but it's next on my list, as I see it recommended often around here for guys trying to cover up redness.
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    OK, so for the guys (and maybe the girls) here is an update to my situation.

    I have tried about 40+ foundations and I took a girl with me (my sister) when I went shopping. Apparently the makeup counter assistants are more generous handing out free samples when its a guy, so my sister is suddenly my new best friend and wanting to take me on more shopping trips just so she can bag samples of her own :-)...

    Anyway, I can only speak for my skin condition - T-Zone, with dry skin at upper lip stubble, and my skin shade - very pale, but not ghostly pale. It turns out the biggest problem I had was finding a shade to match my skin - the lighter foundations often look peachy - the last thing you want to accentuate your already red cheeks.

    I must have been on numerous shopping trips, and have mostly ignored drug-store foundations, and explored mid- to high-end brands.

    Overall winner / next best thing compromise
    Make Up For Ever, Face and Body (Shade 20 mixed with shade 38 in a 1:1 ratio in a separate squirty bottle is the closest color match) #20 being too orange, but my own pre-mixed version giving a slight grayish tint. This was my problem all along. Wrong initial shade choice of #20. It really tones down my red cheeks and is undetectable unless someone was standing literally right in front of my face in strong lighting. Its not a perfect replacement though - I needed to exfoliate every few days to stop it being noticeable on my dry skin stubbly upper lip. My skin looks best about 40 mins after applying, after my skin oils have started to soften the look, but I encourage the time to go faster by quickly blowing my face with a hairdryer on a cool setting.

    Runner Up
    Dior Airskin Flash (I'm between shades 200 and 201). Because its in a spray can, its very quick to apply, but that also means youll go through a can very quickly. It is near undetectable on a man's stubbly skin, in fact I think it is even less noticeable than MUFE above, but as a man you have to mess on with makeup brushes in the morning (or remember to have it + product packed in your gym bag). It does tone down my red cheeks, but I'd need to apply 2 coats and spend more morning bathroom routine time.

    Best color match for sucking out the redness
    Lancome Teint Miracle (shade 010 - looks a little gray, but don't worry) coverage is quite heavy - I consider it to be a watery vichy dermablend (that I use for an angry looking scar on my arm when its t-shirt weather) and would be too noticeable on a man with stubble, but maybe useful for covering very small patches of face skin.

    Best drugstore brand
    I couldn't really find anything that matched my skin color and that toned down the red. The closest thing I could find was a BB cream - Maybelline Dream Pure BB (in shade "light") but since it is a cream, you need to spend more time blending it for little end results. The few other drugstore brands I tried were horrible, felt gritty on the skin, and very noticeable so not really suitable for men)

    Misc. foundations that might be praised on the internet elsewhere, but didn't work for me...
    - MAC Face and Body - clumps up on dry / stubbly patches of skin - ESPECIALLY in creases where nose meets the face, but they have much better shade choices.
    - Lancome, Miracle Air De Teint. The one with the teat pipette looks like it is very watery and would be perfect on skin and super easy and quick to apply without messing around in the bathroom mirror each morning. On the back of my hand it was wonderful, but on my T-zone stubbly man face I had to work hard to make it blend, which in turn brought more blood to my cheeks and made them redder, while the overall result was noticeable. Its a real shame - if this was water-soluble, not just water based bathed in silicate suspension, I think it would have been exactly what I was looking for.
    - Givenchy Photoperfexion light - hardly any effect on redness and must contain some ingredient which made it feel like my skin was cooling first, then burning.

    I did try many others too numerous to mention. The only thing I haven't tried are the small pots of water soluble airbrush spray make up, which are supposed to be the most neutral, sillicone-free, water soluble make up liquids around, so if anyone has tried those for redness coverage, please post a review. I hope this post is helpful.
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    Oh, and ps, regarding color matching....

    i was right to stick with gray-ish shades. When they use the matching wand, the assistants tend to go for the forehead. I asked them to additionally measure below the bottom lip at chin area, and just underneath the jaw line, and they both gave better overall readings which led to a better color match than if they measured my skin shade at my red cheeks alone or my forehead.

    Testing by trial and error on the back of your hand, or reverse of forearms is not a good idea as skin consistency is oilier there than say my dryer face skin, as well as differently shaded. Foundations which may glide effortlessly across the back of your hand, may not be as easy to apply to your face.

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    Update: Why, oh why, oh why do cosmetics companies have to keep changing their lines?

    MUFE Face and Body has been renamed to "water blend". They have completely changed their color palette and color codings. The only good thing amidst the confusion seems to be that they have expanded the range of color options. So theoretically theres more chance of a direct match.

    Darn it! I had a whole routine going and I knew exactly where I stood with mixing colors to get my exact match. Now Im going to have to start all over again. Grrrr.

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