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Thread: Flushing with ADHD meds - please help

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    Exclamation Flushing with ADHD meds - please help

    Hello! I have been taking adhd meds for about 2 months now. At first, I thought I had an allergic reaction as after taken concerta i got a slight swell feeling in my throat but not worrying. About 8-9 hours after taking my pill, I would flush - really really bad. I thought this was an allergic but advised to persist for a few more days and see if these weird symptoms continued - they did. I was put on ritalin - same thing and the flushing came AFTER the drug had worn off. Then, put on dex and vyvanse which have different ingredients and the same exact thing happened again!!

    I now realise that due to all of these meds causing vasoconstriction, when they wear off it causes our blood vessels to dilate and hences exemplifies my rosacea quite significantly causing this intense and dramatic flush.

    Other than these annoying and embarassing symptoms, my ADHD meds work wonders. I have read that adhd is the most treatable psychiatric disorder and I wouldn't disagree in that the meds do make so much of a difference. So, I guess if I was to choose between no meds, or meds and these symptoms I would perhaps choose the meds. BUT, if anyone else has experienced anything similar and managed to find a way around it, please let me know!

    I also have Grave's disease, celiac disease, PCOS and psoriasis

    Thank you :))

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    You should discuss this with your doctor, but here is a collection of flushing avoidance treatments to consider. There may be synergistic issues with taking more drugs to prevent flushing along with your ADHD prescriptions, so that is why it would be prudent to discuss or ask questions about any of the treatments used to avoid flushing while on your current regimen for ADHD or any other prescriptions for your other health issues.
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