I haven't posted for a while, I started Soolantra in January and while it worked, I think it has only been able to provide results for about 3-4 months. I can't really explain why, but I think some of these mites might be resistant to either topicals or ivermectin. I came across a few studies and what was interesting is that some people went into remission with just one oral dose of ivermectin, some people needed weekly ivermectin dosing anywhere from 1-6 weeks, some people didn't respond at all to ivermectin but went into remission while taking 250mg oral metronidazole 3x daily for 2-3 weeks, there's also the study that Elaine has posted with the combo therapy of ivermectin and metronidazole.

So at my appointment today we discussed oral treatment options and are going with the oral metronidazole, I originally was hoping to go on the combo therapy but maybe since my skin quit responding to topical ivermectin, my Dr decided against also giving me the weekly oral ivermectin. I did find one study that mentioned the remission rate with the 2 week dose of oral metro is around 79%.

I also found advice from optometrists online to throw out makeup, buy fresh pillows, use clean bedding that's washed and dried on the highest heat setting, and to change bedding weekly. I plan on using a new towel and pillowcase daily and try to be mindful of items that come in contact with my face daily, things like brushes, my phone, glasses will be wiped down with tea tree oil and all linens washed and dried on high heat.

I'm really hoping this treatment works, and i'll update in the following weeks with how things are going.