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Thread: Having a very hard time

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    Hi paperbag. So sorry of your troubles these past
    Few months. And the professionals that have treated
    You....... if it were me, and this is hard, I would
    Do nothing to my skin for several more months. I
    Would not use topicals or antibiotics or any light
    Treatment. I would wash with a mild cleanser
    And distilled water and use perhaps tiny dabs of
    Cerave pm which improves skin barrier. If this goes
    Well-- no serious breakouts, flushing, increased
    Symptoms etc... Then consider a topical to help
    If this is indeed discoloration damage of skin.

    In my experience, we are our worst enemies to our
    Skin. We want relief right away and really most times
    Our skin needs to be left alone to heal. Wear big hats
    And no sunscreen. I have several large hats and I wrap
    A pretty scarf over to fold flaps of hat over my entire cheeks.
    Giving up sunscreen has improved my skin: less potential

    Mistica's advice on topical niacinamide is a good one. I would just
    Be more patient. Birdie

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    Where can you buy topical or oral niacinamide?

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