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Thread: Hi all! Any help would be great.

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    Default Hi all! Any help would be great.

    Hi all!

    I've been lurking here for a few weeks and everybody seems so helpful so I thought I should register and see if anybody could give any input to my situation.

    I hail from the UK and I'm a fair skinned redhead 28 year old who also has a father that has rosacea, so i'm guessing there is a genetic link there somewhere.


    About 6 years ago I got a very stubborn intestinal parasite while traveling around SE Asia, probably in Thailand. This caused no end of problems once I was back in the UK, weight loss, IBS-ish symptoms, all kinds of skin issues. I eventually managed to get rid of it and made what I feel to be a very complete recovery. Really the only thing left that is causing me any problems is my skin.

    About 8 months ago I started getting very intense facial flushes.. So intense that my face felt very hot. Between flushes my skin was more-or-less its normal shade. I went to my excellent GP complaining of hot flushes etc and she did a full investigation to rule out anything serious that wasn't skin related. Subsequently to that she has referred me to a dermatologist that I'm currently waiting to see (yay NHS waiting times!).

    While waiting for the dermatologist appointment I've decided to try and figure out what my flushes are and what is triggering them. I'm almost certain its Rosacea as I have a family link to it. To try and help I've changed my hair products from Head and Shoulders to a locally made very basic unscented beeswax soap which I also try not to get on my face. I've cut sugar out of my diet as best as I can and Ive experimented with a few different mild moisturisers to see if I can find something that doesn't make it worse. This includes 99.9% Aloe gel, Coconut oil, E45, QV cream and a couple of others. The best from that lot being QV cream. There may be something better I don't know about.

    Currently the flushing is just on my cheeks, nose and forehead and I have a general sensitivity and stinging when using any skin products, I don't seem to have any of the more troublesome symptoms such as papules and pustules or visible blood vessels. My flushing ranges from "Rosey Cheeked" to "Fire-truck Red" throughout the day.

    I'm concerned about taking any of the meds that the dermatologist might put me on because of the possibility of making it worse as I've seen mentioned here a few times.

    Any Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I will be your Derm for a second

    No Alcohol, no spicy foods, stay out of the sun !

    Doxycycline - metro/rosex gel - If that doesn't work we will look at harder remedies such and laser.....


    Just for ****s and giggles, ask your derm their thoughts on certain foods being triggers, such as Dairy, if their open to the discussion, you may have found someone you can really open up to and find results. In my experience albeit limited because I cannot deal with the closed minds, they are reluctant to accept natural resolution, if it's not prescribed and illness can be resolved naturally, they will go out of business.

    If I can offer 1 piece of advice, don't be nervous or intimidated, your the issue, your not some "common theme" that their prescribed factory line can resolve. If they don't want to take the time to understand you and your condition, your pretty much wasting your time and money.

    Good Luck

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    Have you seen a derm since you last posted? If not, you might try an antihistamine - see if that helps with your flushing. Sometimes they help; sometimes they're not strong enough for the level of flushing or specific cause of flushing. You might have to try a few different kinds before you see relief -If any. They help me to some extent. For example, I take one before I shower. It helps with post-shower flushes.

    Keeping cool by munching on ice chips or sipping cold water can help ward off a flush or lessen it. So if you know you're going to be in a meeting or warm room or whatever situation where you tend to flush, you might try to have the ice/water - just in case.

    Hope you derm can get you some relief. Clonidine or some beta blocker might be something the dr could prescribe to help you with the flushing right away. Keep us posted!

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