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    Default Unidentifiable Skin Rash

    Firstly, Hi everyone! Iím brand new to the forums, and Iíve been browsing around the site and everyone seems very happy and supportive (:
    Hereís my story. Iím an 18 year old male, no other skin issues except for angular cheilitis which I havenít had for about a year; no major health problems.
    About 4 and a half to 5 months ago, one night my girlfriend noticed a strange rash on my upper left cheek and both jawlines. So I went to the mirror and examined it and the rash had no initial itch or pain so I thought I was probably having an allergic reaction; just before I had eaten a bowl of cereal I had never tried before. I went to bed and in the morning the rash was significantly better (hardly notable even to me).
    Over time, slowly the areas have become significantly more inflamed and have are dispersing. There are now a couple dots of it on my right cheek! These areas have NEVER felt hot, dry, itchy, flaky, oozed, the texture is slightly rough feeling, very slightly but only the areas around my sideburn. If you examine the sideburn areas very closely, they look like thereís 10-15 tiny pimples in my pours. The redness isnít even, itís kind of blotchy and leaves uninflamed areas within it. Thatís the best I can describe it; itís quite strange.

    For the first few months I tried Hydrocortizone 1% and Benadryl once or twice with no effect. Because Iíve been so busy with collage, work, and a child & the rash caused me absolutely no discomfort I put off getting it looked at. Now that its spreading has become more evident about 3 weeks ago I went to the derm & at first she said she had no idea, and said that it was NOT Rosacea. Then, she diagnoses me with a fungal infection in the pours of my skin; which made sense at the time because the way it looked and is spreading kind of looks fungal. The condition she described was basically Seborrheic Dermatitis.
    She prescribed me 400mg oral Fluconozole (an antifungal) tablets to take them once, 1 weeks apart. She also gave me Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% face wash & lotion and Ketoconazole shampoo
    About 5 days into using the shampoo & face wash and lotion one of them seemed to be making inflammation worse & irritating my skin further; derm said to discontinue use. I took the last pill about 2 weeks ago and I had absolutely no noticeable improvement. I have no other symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis. I began asking around the internet and a practitioner suggested it could be Democodosis. I researched it, and also I had NO common symptoms except for the inflammation.

    So earlier this week I saw another derm, same company just a different branch office. She looks at it, and diagnoses me with Granlomatous Rosacea. She prescribed me low dose doxcycyclin to take for 2 months; she said I should see improvements within about a month or so, if no improvement, theyíll do a biopsy. That method seemed backwards to me. Beginning a pill schedule like that terrified me! So Iím going to fill the prescription, but hold taking them till I am more sure of my condition. I canít notice any blood vessels on the areas, and it has never burned or felt hot like Rosacea. I mentioned Democodosis to her and she didnít seem to think that was it, she said thatís usually affiliated with Rosacea. One or two of the google search images for Granlomatous Rosacea kind of resemble my condition, but it isnít at all as acne like.

    I scheduled for a skin biopsy next week because Iím at a loss. Maybe I need to see a different derm companyÖ
    If anyone has any idea of what my next move should be, what this possibly could be, things to look forÖ any input at all please comment!
    Thanks for your time (:IMG_4420[1].jpg
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    Take a look at this article (it recommends the use of a cream called Elidel) and maybe show it to your doctor?

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